DP (de pee) Stain & Odor Remover

DP (de pee) Stain & Odor Remover
DP (de pee) Stain & Odor Remover DP (de pee) Stain & Odor Remover DP (de pee) Stain & Odor Remover
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Available Solutions for Potty Accident Clean Up:

Finally, a solution for Potty Accidents & Other Adventures. DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover is specifically formulated to "De-activates," "De-composes," and "De-stroys" even the toughest stains and odors using the power of nature's enzymes. When messy, smelly stains happen, DP (de pee) is your solution.

(read our article on why potty accidents happen and what to do about them!)

It works safely and effectively to remove tough organic stains & odors from potty accidents, urine, diaper leakage, spit ups, food, diarrhea, incontinence, pets and more. Use DP (de pee) on bedding, mattresses, clothing, blankets,carpet, furniture, stuffed toys, upholstery, car seats, flooring, auto upholstery and more.

Available in two sizes - 24 oz spray bottle and a 4 oz purse size spray bottle.

How it works:
DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover is composed of a Proprietary Bio-Enzymatic formula that really works... really! This Proprietary Bio-Enzymatic formula goes to work immediately using nature's power to instantly and permanently remove stains and odors caused by potty accidents, spitting-up, diaper leakage, food stains, kid stains, even pet stains, and much, much more! Effectively works on bedding, clothing, mattresses, carpets, upholstery, furniture, sealed wood, tile, linoleum, and most any water safe surface... it's guaranteed!

How to use it:
To clean up and remove potty accidents or other stains, lift up as much of the accident or stain as possible by wiping and blotting the effected area. Then saturate the effected area with DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover. Let it work for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe away the accident or stain with a clean white cloth. Older, more stubborn stains may need to be soaked for an hour or more and may need multiple applications for complete stain removal.

For deep down urine odors in mattresses, upholstery, carpets, carpet pads, auto upholstery, etc., make sure you THOROUGHLY SOAK the effected area with DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover. Then just give it time to work. Simply leave the treated area saturated and let it air dry. The power of nature's enzymes will go to work removing the odors as DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover dries.

Satisfaction Guarantee! When used as directed, DP (de-pee) Stain and Odor Remover is 100% guaranteed to work, as described, on stains and odors, or your money back. If you are not satisfied, simply contact us to let us know of the difficulties you are having. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we will ask that you return the unused portion of the product along with the original sales receipt for a refund of the original purchase price (less S&H) within 30 days of purchase.

For tips and information on Potty Accidents, browse our Potty Accidents section and our Potty Training Problems section

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Color White , Black
Product Type Cleaners
Product Gender Unisex

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I bought this as a gift for my niece and so far they love it.

It's adorable and my niece really wants to sit on it so that is making potty training easier.

Don't waste your money (Aug 09, 2012) Reviewer: Renee

These car seat liners are flimsy and don't stay in place very well.

The first ones I put down for my twin daughters ripped in half in their car seats(both of them). I wouldn't buy these again. They are a waste of money.

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(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I have spent SO much money on cleaners &40; we have 4 dogs a cat and an infant!&41; I received a trial size of this at the Las Vegas Childrens Expo and pulled it out of my gift bag when my shitzu decided to lift it's leg on the corner of my brand new white comforter....it WORKED..and not only did it work but it worked realllllly well and the smell was nice to. My favorite part is that it is SAFE around KIDS and PETS!! super important in our house....
(Feb 27, 2012) Reviewer: anonymous We had a rabbit urine stain on our kitchen tile. Scrubbing and GooGone did not work so I used DePee and it removed the stain without any damage to the ceramic surface. It took a few sprays and then I left it on about a minute before wiping. I also used it on a rabbit urine stain on the carpet and it completely removed this as well. I will keep this bottle handy!
Life Saver (Feb 27, 2012) Reviewer: Donna G. I am so glad this product will be coming available. I have a toddler whos still in diapers and sometimes accidents do happen. Up until now, there has not been a product I could use to clean the carpet or changing pad and table after the little guy has let loose. With DP, I was able to wipe down the table and clean the pad with no signs of pee anywhere, no smell or stain at all. Thank you for the trial sample and Ill be looking for it in the stores.
Worked great on mattress and even WHITE carpet (Feb 27, 2012) Reviewer: Narmin Parpia This product works! My sister-in-law used DP Stain & Odor Remover to clean up her WHITE carpet when her aging dog starting losing bladder control. She had told me how great it worked for her. So, when my daughter had a night-time potty accident, I knew I should give this a try. I sprayed DP on the mattress and let it dry on it's own. After it was dry, I smelled all around. I was amazed that the smell was completely gone except for one spot... a spot I had missed. So, I sprayed that smelly spot and let it dry. When I checked again later after it had dried, the odor was completely gone!