Does the Potty Booty Camp Seminar Really Work?

Booty Camp has a success rate of 96 to 98% when they have parental compliance, according to their parental agreement guidelines.

Throughout the last four years, more than 450 children have been successfully potty trained through Booty Camp«.

Ms. Sweeney found that the average child required less than four hours to grasp what is required of them. Once the toddler has learned the tools they need for successful toileting in the booty camp seminar, they will be able to use the potty without assistance or reminder.

Ms Sweeney has also found other significant benefits to toilet training children through the Booty Camp method. Children will experience personality improvements, which frequently accompany heightened independence; willingness to try other tasks independently, such as feeding or clothing; better response to parental instruction; and increased sense of pride, pleasure, and self-esteem.

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success! (4/24/2009) Reviewer: mbcm (bristow , va) We took our son to Potty Booty Camp when he was 2 yrs. 8 mos. and it worked! He was recalling some memories of that day this week when we were talking about preparing our 2 1/2 yr. old for potty training. If we still lived in Chicago area, we'd do it again!