What to Expect at the Potty Boot Camp

Overall, Mrs. Sweeney sets individual, reasonable expectations for each child; this feeling of responsibility encourages children to be accountable for their bodies and actions.

This Booty Camp® method teaches children to be self-reliant, responsible, and to accept the consequences of their actions.

Before the Booty Camp® class, Wendy provides children and parents with the information they need in order to achieve their toilet training goals.

During Booty Camp®, children participate in intense practices to help them understand their bodies. Children are rewarded for dry pants and for going potty. This means that only the children are responsible for their success, not their parents.

Also, during the class, Ms. Wendy will give parents her home and cellular phone numbers; so that if parent have any questions or problems, they can call her.

After Booty Camp®, the parent or primary caregiver is expected to follow Ms. Sweeney's guidelines.

Also after the seminar, parents are encourages to call Ms. Sweeney on a daily basis with progress reports on their children. As each child is different, Ms. Sweeney can adjust the program to be a perfect fit for your child.


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Contact Information? (4/28/2011) Reviewer: Heidi (Naperville, IL) I was hoping you could provide me with contact information for this boot camp. We live in the Western Suburbs and would be very interested.

Potty Training Concepts:

Here is the website where you can go to for contact information http://www.bootycampmom.com/