Flushable Wipes Container - Hooks over Toilet Roll Holder

Flushable Wipes Container - Hooks over Toilet Roll Holder
Flushable Wipes Container - Hooks over Toilet Roll Holder Flushable Wipes Container - Hooks over Toilet Roll Holder Flushable Wipes Container - Hooks over Toilet Roll Holder
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If you use flushable wipes, then this container is a must have. This flushable wipes container hooks over the toilet tissue roll holder is in perfect reach when seated on the toilet.

No longer will you have to reach behind or reach the floor to find the container of wipes. They will be right there - right underneath the toilet roll - exactly where they should be. Places flushable wipes just where you need them most.Personal cleanliness is so important and now there is a container that makes it so easy to keep flushable wipes right at your finger tips.

If you are potty training, this container is just perfect because it allows your toddler to reach the flushable wipes that they need to help them stay extra clean

Flushable wipes may be more comfortable for your child's sensitive bottom and clean better, especially when used in combination with toilet paper

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Product Specifications

UPC 051415000581
Color White , Black
Product Type Potty Accessories , Bathroom Accessories
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids , Adult
Room Bathroom
Department Home + Garden

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It WORKED! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Dee I had tried almost everything to get my 3 year old son potty trained (my other advice is start around 2 when boys aren't in such an independent mode!). He just didn't seem to want to do #2 on the potty. Well, this Wee Man isn't about #2, but he caught on so fast to #1 and loved his independence that he started telling us when he needed to #2 on the toilet and no longer wanted his pullups! No pull ups once we started (except for at night). First day with Wee Man, we had 2 accidents, second day 1 accident, today none! (all were #1 accidents) I'm just AMAZED!!!!! I have to admit that I'm not thrilled with a urinal in my bathrooms, but it worked and he's not so at risk of getting hit by the lid, falling in, etc. so I'll deal. He'll be tall enough for the toilet someday. He also really likes that he can empty it himself. It does have pee left on it so I keep lysol wipes near by.
Very good product! (Nov 23, 2011) Reviewer: Bing I was so excited to have found this, i've searched everywhere for a long time. My kids no longer have to stand up to get the wipes, it is very sanitary than having to put the wipes on the floor! Thank you for carrying this product!
works well (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian This product works. My kids no longer leave the wipe tub on the floor with the lid open. access and ease of use is a plus
Good Product (Nov 13, 2012) Reviewer: Deborah Jackson

The Flushable Wipes holder is easy to use and my grandson loves it!

The price is right, easy to assemble, and the grandkids actually use it!!!

Fixed the Problem (Apr 16, 2013) Reviewer: Vanessa I could not find a similar product in Australia. It fitted to a standard Austalia tiolet roll holder and I use (the biggest) triple length tiolet paper and it fits with plently of room. It is solid and sturdy and easy to wipe clean, it will last for years. I am very happy with it, it was worth all that postage and arrived amazingly fast too.