The First Years Potty Wipes

The First Years Potty Wipes
The First Years Potty Wipes
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You look forward to having your little one potty trained and diaper free. Once you get there, then you have to manage potty on the go! You now have to have your little one use public toilets!

The First Years Potty Wipes are designed with your and your child's health in mind. They are perfect for kids and for adults.

Store the wipes in your purse along with your child's travel potty seat, so that you can wipe down the toilet seat, before you sit on it or place your child's potty seat on the the toilet.

The First Years Potty Wipes are:

  • used wiping down potties and toilet seats.
  • kill odor causing bacteria
  • are alcohol free for sensitve skin.
  • can be flushed away

Directions for Use:
Wipe toilet seat thoroughly with wipe. Recommended to allow surface to dry befor use. Not for cleaning or sanitizing skin. Do not use as a diaper wipe or for personal cleansing.

Package Dimensions: 7.5"H X 3.5"W X 0.5"D

24 wipes per package (wipes are 5.5 " bby 6.5")

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Product Specifications

UPC 071463073603
Color White , Black
Brand The First Years
Product Type Baby Wipes , Potty Accessories
Product Gender Unisex

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