Go Potty Go - Potty Training DVD for Toddlers

Go Potty Go - Potty Training DVD for Toddlers
Go Potty Go - Potty Training DVD for Toddlers
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Potty Training for Tiny Toddlers

According to pediatric experts, it is perhaps more appropriate to refer to potty training as potty learning.

It's because in actuality, a child teaches himself or herself to recognize the body signals for urinating, having a bowel movement and developing proper toilet skills.

For many children, potty training may be strange and even scary endeavor. As a parent, your role is to create a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere and to provide your child with the necessary materials for success.

Viewed repeatedly, Go Potty Go can be an important learning tool in helping your child achieve this important potty training developmental milestone. Go Potty Go is a fun and entertaining learning program designed to tastefully and gently introduce potty training to toddlers.

Paige and Parker Panda and a gaggle of other lovable animated characters show kids what they need to know to go potty all by themselves.

Catchy songs, silly stories and fun, interactive-games are guaranteed to inform, inspire and motivate tiny toddlers to use the potty. Along the way, appropriate toilet skills such as proper wiping and hand washing are modeled for the viewer.

Go Potty Go will help to spur interest in potty training and then provide a means for reinforcing concepts and skills throughout the learning process.

For Boys & Girls!

Approximate Running Time: 20 minutes

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