How To Stay Motivated After a False Start

  • Have you had a false start with potty training?

  • Your son or daughter was showing all the signs of wanting to use the potty and seemed interested in going and starting to potty train?

  • They had asked questions and showed an interest to be in the bathroom when you or their father was?

  • They seemed like they were ready to start the process and then as suddenly as it all started they stop?

This happens to many parents, their child looks to be ready to start and actually probably is, but becomes nervous or resistant about the potty training.

There is no reason to stop the potty training though. You may have to change up the routine and change things around a bit for them. However, there is no need to worry or think that you need to go back to diapers and wait any longer to potty train your child.

Staying motivated after a false start may seem difficult, however it is actually all part of the potty training process. Every child is different in how they respond to potty training, so with that in mind, you need to realize that just because they have pulled back from learning, it doesn't mean that the learning has to stop too.

Stay on top of it with your child and maybe allow them not to have to use the potty yet, but do not switch back to diapers. Instead continue to use the training pants, so that they feel wet or soiled, which also means they will feel uncomfortable too. Go back to the potty training videos and books that you have for your child. Use these to go back over the basics of potty training and to reassure your child that there is nothing to be scared.

Your continued motivation will help to increase your child's motivation. They will see that you are not upset by the starting and stopping of potty training and this may be enough to make them want to keep going. If you have a potty train doll for your child, let them continue to practice with the doll, so they can see there is nothing to be scared of and that they can do the same thing. If you do not have a potty training doll, this could be a great opportunity to get one for your child to help teach them with, as well as being a motivator to go.

Stay excited about the fact that they are potty training. Keep the enthusiasm up and stay positive too. There should be no negative words used or behavior in association to potty training. To keep yourself and your child motivated, try creating a treasure box together where they can pick out a small toy when they potty on the toilet or let them help choose a potty chart and stickers to use to keep track of their achievements. Let them be a very direct part of the potty training process.

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