How to Potty Train Girls

When it comes to potty training girls, they can be just as hard to potty train as boys. There are advantages to potty train girls: you do not have to teach them to pee standing up and most toddlers are potty trained by women (whom they model their behavior after already).

Things to keep in mind when starting:

  • NO more diapers

  • Make sure she is ready (Signs of Readiness)

  • Be consistent

  • Stay positive - accidents happen!

  • Be ready with praise and rewards

Other than that, potty training a girl will be different for every parent, since every child is different and how they respond to the entire process will be different too. So, you want to be prepared from the beginning with everything that is needed to potty train, as well as begin talking with your daughter before the actual start day of potty training, this could be though of as pre-potty training, since you do not want to just one day start without giving your daughter any forewarning about what will be happening.

She needs to know that the diapers will be gone and that she will be wearing training pants from now on, even at night. You may want to get potty training DVD's, CDs and books for girls to go over what potty training is all about and what will happen.

This will help her be more at ease with potty training and will hopefully get her excited about going potty on the toilet. The potty training doll she can practice with before the big day of starting the potty training. She can practice with the doll, as well as have it with her when she begins potty training. You also want to make sure to pick out a potty chair or potty seat just for girls! She will need these to go potty on the toilet, especially if she is smaller, she may have a hard time getting on the full size toilet. Safer and more secure she feels, the easier potty training will be for her and you too.

Once you have gone over these things with her and spent time talking about potty training, choose a start day. From that day forward she will be potty training and using training pants.

How long you talk about the potty training, before actually starting will vary from child to child, however a month give or take is about how long this process takes. This gives her enough time to become familiar with the bathroom, ask questions, watch the DVD's, read the books together, play with the doll and learn all about what potty training is.

On the first day of no diapers, she may be upset or frustrated, since she will have accidents, however this is good since she can feel when she is wet or soiled and this starts to let her know she needs to use the potty.

It also helps her to start to recognize how she feels before the accidents happen, so she can get to the bathroom to go. You will want to start taking her to the bathroom in the beginning until you can see what her potty schedule is. Once you know when she goes, this makes taking her at those times easier. (Need more help with this, check out all of our articles on Potty Accidents.)

You will want to be consistent and take her to the bathroom regularly, so that one of those times she may actually go. At this point she can be given a reward or if you are using a potty chart and potty stickers, she can place her sticker on the chart.

This pattern of taking her and asking her if she needs to use the bathroom will continue and hopefully she will begin to catch on and go on her own or let you know when she has to until she no longer needs to let you know and she is going on her own.

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Need help (9/29/2012) Reviewer: LaToria (Arlington, TX)

My little girl is 2 and a half and I've been trying hard to potty train her. She'll be three soon and I sort of feel down and stuck and not knowing what to do. I take her to the pot and sometimes she'll go and sometimes she won't and she goes in her pull up after the fact. I ask her every 15 min do you have to potty.

I need tips on when to take them to the pot. Do you think the training panties will work?....I'm desperate..

PTC Comment: The training pants will definitely work because they will hopefully make her feel wet and uncomfortable. You could maybe try getting her a potty watch that you can set for her to go off at set time intervals. Kind of like what you are doing now, however, the watch alarm will go off to remind her. This will make her a little more independent. Once she can go at a certain time, you increase the amount of time between trips to the bathroom, therefore making her little bladder adjust to holding it in for longer periods of time. We also have a tinkle timer, that will measure the length of time that she needs to sit on the potty before she can get up. These are just a few suggestions that you can use.

response: (8/9/2012) Reviewer: SAHMBBG (Pharr, TX)

I have a 2 1/2 yr old, female and I take her to the toilet 20ish times a day.

I ask her every 30 minutes and I thought my daughter didn't have a "give" or "tell" either, but she does. I watched very closely on day 1 and she pops her hip and then crosses her legs.

I always thought she was dancing to music and or the tv. Lol. Good luck!

Help (9/13/2011) Reviewer: Carla Vaughn (Iroquois, Il) I have a 3 year old daughter. We have been working on potty training. She is not showing any sign of having to go go to the potty. How often should you take her to the potty? Please help