It's The Summer, Lets Go Bottoms Off

Summer is the perfect time to potty train and let your child go without bottoms on while they are potting training. You can really take your time, the weather is warm and they can go outside and play, swim and even feel when they need to go.

Going bottomless has its advantages when it comes to potty training. Here are some:

  • Allowing your child to go without bottoms means that they can really feel when they have to use the potty. There is nothing that is restricting their body and if they are already potty training, it is a good time to introduce this method. No bottoms means that they are less likely to want to have an accident, since there is nothing there to catch anything, like before. They are more likely to naturally pay better attention to how they are feeling and go to the bathroom when they feel the urge come on. 
  • It is easier for them to go to the bathroom when they have no bottoms on. Teaching a child to pull up and down their training pants may be a lot for some children to learn at one time. No bottoms means they can at least temporarily skip that step and just get to the bathroom to go instead. It eliminates the extra need to pull pants on and off and instead allows your child to go when they need to.
  • You still need to remind your child to go though too. Whether they are in the backyard or in the house, you still want to keep them on the same potty training schedule and have them going to the bathroom. If they are using a potty watch, they still need to go to the bathroom at those times and you still need to be there to help your child as well. Although going is easier, without having to pull pants on and off again, they will still need help with wiping and making sure they get there in time. 
  • Potty training can be less stressful for a child when they are allowed to have fun with potty training. Many children love being naked or bottomless and allowing them to do this makes the entire experience much more relaxing and less restrictive for your child. 
  • They do need to know that going bottomless is only for at home and never when guests are over. They need to know that it is fine with their family, but they also need to still potty other times too when they have bottoms on as well. Again, staying on the same schedule and staying consistent, even when your child is bottomless is important. 
If they do have an accident when they are bottomless, they can help to clean it up. Whether this be cleaning themselves and/or cleaning the area that the accident happened, they can help with this process. This alone many times is enough for a child not to want to have an accident again, since they get tired quickly of having to help clean up the mess.

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