Girl's Potty Trainig Kit #1

Girl's Potty Trainig Kit #1
Girl's Potty Trainig Kit #1
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Girl's Potty Training Kit - #1 is great for any toddler girl learning how to go potty. We know how hard it can be to potty train a girl, so we have a wide range of potty training kits for girls. We base the products on what products toddlers need, and we keep in mind that parents do have budgets.

Most experts advise buying a child-sized potty (potty chairs), which your toddler can feel is her own and which will also feel more secure to her than a full-size toilet. (Many tots fear falling into the toilet, and their anxiety can interfere with potty training.)(Quoted from BabyCenter). Based on this, we have included a Green Baby Bjorn Potty Chair, for a more comfortable experience for your little one.

We also included a very good potty training book called Big Girls Use the Potty, which can help your little girl see another girl going potty. It might be just the encouragement she needs to be successful.

Girl's Potty Trainig Kit #1 Includes:

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Product Specifications

Color Green , White , Black
Brand Baby Bjorn
Product Type Potty Training Kits
Product Gender Female

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