Kohler Child's Size Toilet - FREE SHIPPING (Commercial)

Kohler Child's Size Toilet - FREE SHIPPING (Commercial)
Kohler Child's Size Toilet - FREE SHIPPING (Commercial) Kohler Child's Size Toilet - FREE SHIPPING (Commercial)
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Available Toddler Toilets:

This Kohler Child Size Toilet is ideal for day cares and schools.

The toilet is primary features are designed specifically with children in mind. These include:

  • a 10-inch high bowl that is a more comfortable height for small children
  • a complimenting seat that features a smaller opening and scalloped edges
  • that are actually strategically placed hand holds youngsters can use to steady themselves.

This toilet addresses common issues found with commercial toilets height, attractiveness and accuracy.

With its accessible height and colorful seat, the Primary offers a level of comfort for its users.

Utilizing the precise WAVE touch-less flushing technology, the 1.28 Primary toilet eliminates false actuation, as well as unnecessary fear.

An industry first, the seat is offered in a choice of bright primary colors that kids love red, blue or yellow with green hinges, as well as standard white. Check them out below:

The seat will fit on any conventional round-front toilet bowl and is sold separately.

Need more information, check out the Specifcation Sheet and Installation Sheet.

KOHLER WAVE Technology only works upon user-controlled actuation and water delivery. In other words, the user must physically motion for the flush, which significantly reduces false flushes and saves water. This waving motion also eliminates the fixture from actuating during use, which is more hygienic for the user. This WAVE Technology fits well with the needs of children who require intuitive products inside school restrooms.

Last model was a 1.6 gallon-per-flush toilet, the new version of the kid's primary toilet uses only 1.28 gpf, making it 20% more efficient and designating this product as a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET). Designed mainly for daycare and school installation, the Primary 1.28 toilet bowl supports the growing trend for improving water efficiency in schools as a part of greening the school.

Please note: A Flush Valve is required for this toilet as it does not have a toilet tank.

The flush valve we offer is a Sloan REGAL 111 XL TP, and is given as an option to purchase. This toilet seat will not work without a flush valve, we advise you strongly to purchase this matching item.

Sloan REGAL 111 XL TP Flush Valve Details:

  • ADA Compliant Metal Oscillating Non-Hold-Open Handle
  • 1" I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek Angle Stop
  • Vandal Resistant Stop Cap
  • Adjustable Tailpiece
  • Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection
  • Spud Coupling, Wall and Spud Flanges for 1" Top Spud
  • High Copper, Low Zinc Brass Castings for Dezincification Resistance
  • Non-Hold-Open Handle and No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
  • Low Consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo Technology
  • Handle Packing, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker to be Molded from PERMEX Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance
  • Trap Primer
  • Regal XL
  • Trap Primer



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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Brand Kohler
Product Type Toilets
Product Gender Unisex

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