Toilet Seat Lid Lock

Toilet Seat Lid Lock
Toilet Seat Lid Lock
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Keeping toys and hands out of the toilet is easy with the Toilet Seat Lid Lock. This lock is super easy to open for adults but difficult for children. There is no adhesive required which means you don't have to un-bolt the seat to install.

It doesn't matter which type of bowl or lid you have because the lid lock easily attaches to all types.

With the Toilet Seat Lid Lock your plumbing is kept safe and children are more likely to be accident free!

Look at the world through your baby∆s eyes to see what looks interesting and what can be reached. Get down on your hands and knees and check for small things your baby can choke on like coins and small toy parts.

For more information please see our Tips on How to Baby Proof a Home.

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Product Specifications

UPC 036768402404
Color White , Black
Pattern Solid
Product Type Safety
Product Gender Unisex

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