Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical Outlet Covers
Electrical Outlet Covers
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Electrical Outlet Covers are the best way to keep your child's precious little fingers safe.

The covers are extra tight which means they won't be easy for children to pull off and put in their mouths. However, they can be easily removed by adults whenever needed.

Deluxe tethered outlet plugs mean no danger from loose plugs entering a childÆs mouth, and plugs won't get lost!

Package contains enough electrical outlet covers for 10 outlets (5 receptacles).

Some things to keep out of reach of children:

o electrical cords
o frayed or damaged cords
o uncovered outlets
o plastic bags
o matches
o lighters

Look at the world through your babyÆs eyes to see what looks interesting and what can be reached. Get down on your hands and knees and check for small things your baby can choke on like coins and small toy parts.

For more information please see our Tips on How to Baby Proof a Home.

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Product Specifications

Color Transparent , Black
Pattern Solid
Product Type Safety
Product Gender Unisex

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