Safety Door Knob Covers

Safety Door Knob Covers
Safety Door Knob Covers
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Safety Door Knob Covers are what you need to keep children out of unwanted closets and rooms. Here's how the cover works, you just put it on the handle and when a child tries to turn the knob it will simply spin loosely around the door knob.

An adult can still get into the room or closet by squeezing the two grab-tab buttons and the door knob will turn easily.

The lock cover tab protects child against locking adults out of a room. Just simply un-snap the cover tab when you need to access the lock. It's so easy!

With so many great features there's no reason why every person shouldn't have these in their house.

*2 per package*

Look at the world through your babyĆs eyes to see what looks interesting and what can be reached. Get down on your hands and knees and check for small things your baby can choke on like coins and small toy parts.

For more information please see our Tips on How to Baby Proof a Home.

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Product Specifications

UPC 036768602019
Color White , Black
Pattern Solid
Product Type Safety
Product Gender Unisex

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