Minnie Mouse Girls Panty Underwear

Minnie Mouse Girls Panty Underwear
Minnie Mouse Girls Panty Underwear Minnie Mouse Girls Panty Underwear
List Price: $10.95 Our Price: $6.95 Sale: $4.95 You Save: $6.00 (55%)
Size: 2-3T 4T

These Minnie Mouse Underwear Panties are excellent for motivating your daughter to get potty trained and to start wearing big kid underwear!! (Want to see what else we have for potty training girls, see our category Potty Training Girls.)

What a beloved character Minnie Mouse is. Her character first appears in 1928 and created by Walt Disney himself. She was created to be a companion or love interest character for Mickey Mouse. Her original outfit had her fashioned as a "flapper" girl, including a feminine bowler hat with a daisy, white gloves and a short dress. But her most memorable accessory are her over-sized high heeled pumps that are too big for her feet.

Minnie Mouse Underwear Panties come in a 3 pack.

Girls Underwear Sizing Chart


20-27 lbs

19 inches
28-38 lbs
21 inches

30-38 lbs

21 inches
6 YRS 39-49 lbs 22 inches

The company changes print styles from time to time and sometimes the photographs may not be the same as the prints in stock.

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Product Specifications

Color Multicolored , Black
Pattern Character
Brand Disney
Product Type Apparel
Product Gender Female
Character Minnie Mouse
Product Audience Kids
Material Cotton
Apparel Type Underwear
Manufacturer Handcraft
Apparel Size Multiple Sizes Available

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Minnie Mouse Panties (Dec 29, 2011) Reviewer: lsf Just what I wanted. Granddaughter loves them.
Awesome invention (Jun 11, 2012) Reviewer: heather I bought this for my almost three year old little boy, he is being potty trained and goes both pee and poop in the potty.

He started wanting to go like daddy and would go in the bathroom on his own and try. The regular toilet was just too tall. This urinal has been great. He can go more independently and I think it helps him want to be a big boy more. Also, I have a nine month old son who will use this when he is older, so it was a great investment!
Love the Minnie (Jan 28, 2016) Reviewer: Laura Darshan These panties fit true to size. My granddaughter loved the prints with Minnie Mouse. They are truly just underwear no extra padding to catch mistakes. I've looked in stores for toddler sizes and been unable to find anything for girls/toddlers weighing 25 pounds so these we a hit. The undies have only been in use a couple of times so I can't speak to their durability yet, but they appeared well made. Anything that will get a toddler to use the potty chair is worth it!
Great Panties (Jan 26, 2020) Reviewer: Melissa H My daughter loves Minnie, and these have become her favorite "big girl underwear". The fit is good, the panties seem comfortable, and my girl is happy :)