On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color)

On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color)
On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color) On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (Select Color)
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You have just finished potty training, and now you are stuck in traffic or are out for a hike and the little one want to use the bathroom. What to do?

This On the Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair is the answer for when there isn∆t a bathroom in sight. It is a very portable potty chair with foldable legs so that you can set it up easily set it up.

It comes with a self absorbing disposable liners that you can discard like a diaper. Not mess to clean up!! (Refills sold separately)

On the Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair benefits:

  • Contoured seat for your child's comfort.
  • Sturdy well-balanced base helps your child feel secure.
  • Legs lock into place when opened.
  • Folds flat so it can fit in a purse or diaper bag.
  • A great potty to keep in your car, boat, camper, or RV.
  • Uses self-absorbing, disposable liners that discard like a diaper.
  • Disposable liners hold up to 5 ounces of liquid.
  • Liners are lightly scented to absorb odors.
  • Liner handles secure to the potty and tie closed for disposal.
  • Drawstring carrying bag included.
  • Comes with 3 super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners
  • For ages 2 years and up to 50lbs
  • Dimensions: open with legs locked into place: 4 1/2" H x 8 3/4" W(extended legs wider than rim of potty) x 8 1/4" D
  • folded closed: 1 7/8" H X 8 3/8" W X 8 1/4" D

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Product Type Potty Chairs
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Material Plastic
Potty Chair Features With Accessories
Potty Chair Type Travel Potty (Portable Design)
Potty Chair Size Medium

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life savor (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: samantha me my friend and her daughter were at an air port with a nasty bathroom we went all out of the car when Elliana said i need to go pottie and hurry my friend said i guess i have to take her but i said wait and handed it to her wrapped in Christmas paper and said merry early x mas it really came in handy
Ingenius Mother (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Walker's Grandma I have this for 5 years, It really works, it's great I even used it when the car is moving. I used with my two daughters. Liners are expensive because H&S but I created a way go develop my own liners, I got white bags, same size as liners and add a feminine pad at the end, it works great! So no more money spend in H&S.
Urine deflector (Mar 07, 2012) Reviewer: Matt Ready to use and it works great
Life Saver (Feb 27, 2012) Reviewer: Donna G. I am so glad this product will be coming available. I have a toddler whoís still in diapers and sometimes accidents do happen. Up until now, there has not been a product I could use to clean the carpet or changing pad and table after the little guy has let loose. With DP, I was able to wipe down the table and clean the pad with no signs of pee anywhere, no smell or stain at all. Thank you for the trial sample and Iíll be looking for it in the stores.
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Oct 06, 2010) Reviewer: Mom2FourLittleOnes We have had this for years and still keep it in the back of our van to use for long trips, and for the park. We have 4 kids ages 4-8 and all of them use it when we go camping, etc. Don't tell...but I have even used it a time or 2 in an emergency! Yes. It works great! I highly recommend it. I used to use the liners that go w/ it, but now we just buy small trash bags and make our own liners by folding up a couple of paper towels and lining the bottom. On long trips we load it up w/ several at one time, and it is ready to go when the urge hits one of the kids. We also carry a large empty coffee can to put the used trash sacks in to seal off the smell until we can find a trash can. It works great! :)
Perfect (Oct 03, 2009) Reviewer: Jessica Lewis I had one of these for my daughter when she was potty training, it was the best thing I have ever bought! My husband was in the Air Force and we were changing stations in the middle of trying to potty train. If it hadnt been for this travel potty chair all of our work would have been for nothing! I have recommended this to all friends and family!
Saving Grace (May 07, 2010) Reviewer: Harried Mom of 3

We do a lot of road trips and my girls have small bladders. They are now 7 & 11 and still use it in a bind!

We keep the Clorox/Lysol wipes in the car to wipe it down (just to be cautious) and set it up with a ziplock before putting it away.

When desperation strikes, unfold and we're ready to go! To be honest, I've even used it a time or two.

I wouldn't put full weight on it, but If it's on the floor and you can put your forearms/elbows on the seat. . .

I recommend a folding windshield sunscreen (and tinted windows, of course! : D)

Love it! (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Angela We had this for my daughter, and actually gave it away. I am now ordering one for my son. Great for scary public restrooms, and the fact that you can stick in your bag, and the carry bag is washable are big pluses. I have recommended this so many times I should get a cut of sales!
Discret, sanitary, quick & easy LOVE IT!! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: research mommy Cde Yes, I agree with the last reviewer, Stephanie. Not only that, but here's a quick story. At Disneyland after waiting so long in line, just as we're about to sit down to watch Bugs-Life, my son cries out, "I have to go pee!" We quickly pull out Travel JohnJr while the theater is still dark. And viola, we're all done! I place it under my seat. No need to worry, it won't spill and itís odorless. "What a saver!" my husband exclaims, "where did you find such a thing?" And I simply give him that super-mom wink and say, "online! Haa haa, sorry just had to add a little corny humor.
A must-have if you have a toddler (Sep 27, 2011) Reviewer: Janet We bought several of these for our 3-year-old granddaughter. She likes to use it instead of going into unfamiliar bathrooms (or behind a bush). We and her parents keep them in our vehicles. They are very compact and quick to set up.
LOVE THIS!!! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian I keep this in the back of my suv for my kids, I recommend this everyone! Its good for long trips so they don't have to use a public restroom, camping, and just everyday running around.
GREAT FOR TRAVELING WITH LITTLE ONES (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Mommy of two I had this product since my little one was potty training at the age of 3 I still use it now with both my girls ages 3 and 5. Great for long trips, love the idea about using bags will try it!
Is the potty to blame?? (Apr 12, 2009) Reviewer: CLW I have tried to use this potty to train my 2 1/2 year old daughter to no avail. She thinks it is a toy and likes to take it apart. She also quickly figured out that if she puts her fingers inside on the sensors (yuck!) it will play music. So now she can get the music without going potty. The lid is also a problem because she likes to sit on top of it instead of over the opening. Maybe I just have a challenging child, but I would not recommend this potty.
Excellent product! (Jan 06, 2009) Reviewer: Liz I love this potty chair because it is so convenient. We never have to worry about unsanitary public bathrooms or accidents in the car. I use it for my potty trained 3 year old and my nearly 2 year old who is just starting to potty train. It is really useful when you begin the potty training process because you always have a potty chair wherever you are. I recommend it to all my friends with toddlers. And the price is a steal!
to go potty (Nov 04, 2016) Reviewer: Jacquelyn L'Hommedieu love it, small perfect for traveling!!
Portable potty (Sep 16, 2011) Reviewer: Hill I love how convenient it is to have this portable potty. I am in the middle of potty training and it takes the worry out of a day on the town or at the park. My daughter is less than 2 and will use this potty when we need her to.
Pretty decent (Jun 23, 2012) Reviewer: Alisha

This potty chair is very portable and conveniently sized. I love it!

However, the refills are very expensive so I'd suggest using something out. I just found small trash bags and those are working okay for us!

Perfect for my twins! (Mar 11, 2017) Reviewer: Shawna This has been a life saver for my twins for a year and a half so far. They are almost 4 and we still use it often. Right in parking lots. One of them always has to potty and it takes too much time to pull in a store and get both of them out just for 5 or 10 minutes later for the other one to half to pee. It comes in handy when I have my 5 yr old niece, too.
Grandma (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Grandma My grandson is finally getting the idea...you know. He travels with me by train, car, and airplane. The convience and the light weight of this potty seat is incredible and we can take it with us when we visit friends and relatives. He likes it and so do I - I do not have to worry about sanitary conditions anywhere we go. It does sit low to the ground similar to the "European style" potty seats. The only problem I have encountered is finding the replacement liners when I need them at the local r store.
WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR POTTY TRAINING (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: valerie reynolds I just received the training pants today and my 3 years old daughter wanted to put them on right away. These are very nice and worth every cent very good fabric. I am so glad I found this site for potty training and will tell all my family and friends. Thanks for so much for great products and wonderful customer service.
Tops! (Jul 27, 2011) Reviewer: Gina I have over time bought five of these as gifts, and everyone of the moms rave about it.

Need one say more?

On The Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair (May 26, 2013) Reviewer: Tammy Estriga This is just what I was looking for. Love it, it is small enough to take anywhere and there is no smell with the liners.
Perfect! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: beautiful boys mommy These pants could not be any better. Our son has been potty trained for almost 3 weeks. We threw out the diapers, and he has been in big boy underwear ever since. Since we did not want to downgrade him to pull ups at night I bought these. We wakes up after he pees one time, so these are perfect for us. Thank you so much! No more wet sheets, pajamas and covers at 3:00 am!
Greatest Invention ever! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: beautiful boys mommy

This is the most wonderful thing ever! After doing Lora Jensen's 3 day potty training ebook (which worked like a charm) we needed something to use out in public.

We added this to our "potty bag" that is just for use out and about. Our child would not even enter into a public bathroom until we got this seat!

Does not collapse, bend, move, or pinch my child like some people say it did.

Just make sure you have the potty seat edges over the edge of the toilet seat... not centered on the potty or they will fall in.

Thank you for a wonderful product!


i love this (Jun 25, 2014) Reviewer: randi I love this I got this for my 36 month old boy when we on the go or at public restrooms that have big toilets he scared of he loves to pee standing up so this works perfect even in the trunk of my van when he says pee coming I just pull over and I use my own bags plastic grocery bag with a maxi pad stuck in bottom of it I have bags ready to go in the diaper bag and in the van just take one out put another one in and my little guy loves this potty also I have a big 36 month old so this potty is rather small for a big child but works well for us cause he stands too pee I highly recommend this potty