Poll - How to Potty Train Boys?

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I need someone's advice (8/28/2012) Reviewer: Dena Morgan (Waycross, GA)

My two and a half year old boy is telling me that he has went to the potty in his diaper or is showing me signs that he has to go. As soon as his bottom hits the potty chair he gets up and he is done with no results in the potty.

What should I consider to do next? Anyone that has experienced this please help me.

PTC Comment: First, we would suggest that you proceed with the potty training by getting him into training pants and out of the diaper. The training pants will make him feel the wetness and therefore feel uncomfortable. He will want to go potty and stay dry.

On the issue of him not wanting to sit on the potty long enough to actually relieve himself, I would read the article called "Creative Potty Training". We also carry Tinkle Timers that you can use to have the child watch (they work like kitchen timers), that time how long he/she is supposed to sit on the potty. You could try reading a story book to him while he sits, anything to entertain him long enough for him to go potty. Another thought, would he stand to go to the potty? Maybe a potty training urinal would be the answer.

These are just a few of numerous suggestions. Located on our website, we have many tips on potty training that could help you on your potty training journey.