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The following is a list of my favorite parenting sites. We are not affiliated with these sites in any way. I just think they are excellent informative sites that I also use as a parent. I hope you find them useful as well. Let me know what your favorite parenting sites are...

Dr Green's Graphic Dr. Greene's House calls - This is an excellent site, with incredible information on many different topic, plus it is super easy to navigate. Dr. Green is a pediatrician and the author of the Parent Soup A-Z Guide books. He is available for online chats, so you can chat with him directly.
iVillage's - The Parent Soup is a great site. It has been around since 1995 and excellent place for information and for community. The site is very well organized - you can access information many different ways and they use google technology for site search. It is also an excellent place for community with many interesting message boards.

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Family Education Network Loga has been around since 1996. It offers practical guidance, grade specific information about children's school experiences and offers strategies on how to get involved with children's learning.
Launched in 1996 as the first parenting site on the Web, Family Education has become the Internet's most-visited site for parents who are involved, committed, and responsive to their families' needs.

American Baby and American are great sites for information on the little ones. These sites are targeted at babies up until toddles.Gerber Logo

My favorite parenting books - the ones I used and continue to use with my kids. We are not affiliated with any of the books - these are books that I have personally used and still use today. I have also included some examples of how these books have worked for me!!

Kids are Worth It

"Kids are Worth It" By Barbara Coloroso

I read her book and listened to her tapes a lot when my children were younger. I still bring it out now and again, when I am in need of some good parenting advice. What I loved about her is that she talks about the tools needed to be good parents and she makes you examine your own parenting philosophy.

Example of Barbara's Ideas at Work!!

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids will Talk" By Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

I like this book because it made me realize that my children are little people with feelings that they have not yet learnt to express. It is my job as their parent to help them learn the feeling words and then how to deal with those feelings.

Example of how I get my kids to talk to me!!

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk

"What To Expect The Toddler Years" By Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway

I bought this one because I liked their other books so much (listed below). This is a great resource book to have on hand. It provides great ideas, suggestions and insights.

What to Expect The Toddler Years
What to Expect When You'Re Expecting What to Expect the First Year

"What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and "What to Expect the First Year" By Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway

I bought these two books when I was expecting and really enjoyed reading them. What to expect when you are expecting is a great book for your first pregnancy. What to expect the first year was also pretty good. They are great resources to have on the shelf.

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