Potty Pee Wee - Girl Potty Training Doll

Potty Pee Wee - Girl Potty Training Doll
Potty Pee Wee - Girl Potty Training Doll
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Available for Boy or Girl: Potty Pee Wee - Girl Potty Training DollPotty Pee Wee - Girl Potty Training Doll

Finally, a potty training doll for girls that makes potty training fun! Potty Pee Wee is a soft, huggable doll with a unique design that helps adults show toddlers how to go potty.

You can make your little doll pee in the toilet and show your toddlers that there is nothing to be afraid of especially with their new potty training buddy by their side. Before long, your child will be in charge of training their new buddy and soon your toddler will be going potty just like Potty Pee Wee!

Its easy to use! Just fill the internal water bottle with a small amount of water and follow the instructions and recommended method of training.

Potty Pee Wee allows your child to be part of a fun process. The doll comes with a small water bottle, a pair of pull on pants and is machine washable. Potty PeeWee is available in both girl and boy dolls (outer appearance only - not anatomically correct).The doll measures 12.5 wide x 15.5 high. Doll is brand new and in original packaging.


  • Soft, huggable potty training doll for girls.

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Product Specifications

UPC 858282000023
Color Blue , Pink , Black
Brand Potty Pee Wee
Product Type Potty Dolls
Product Gender Female
Material Polyester
Ethnicity Non-Ethnic
Manufacturer Potty Pee Wee
Potty Doll Features Plush Dolls , Wearing Diapers , Drink and Wet , Wet on Demand
Dimensions Potty Pee Wee Dolls (15.5" x 12.5")

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It's not bad (Oct 20, 2013) Reviewer: Christi Bloomer We used the doll in conjunction w/ the train your child to potty train in less than a day. She enjoyed the doll and used it in excess of the initial one hour. We just couldn't get her trained and we tried the entire day.
Excellent investment (Apr 30, 2012) Reviewer: Erica My step-daughter was potty-trained for a year from ages 3-4 and then started to regress. It is unclear whether this started as a medical or behavioral problem, but she started having small accidents multiple times per day and was no longer potty-trained at night. She's now 6. I bought her this watch and she loves it. We set alarms for every two hours, and since she goes to bed and wakes up around the same time each day, we only had to set the alarms once. We have had far fewer accidents during the day as a result of this watch, and fluid restriction at night has significantly reduced her episodes of bed-wetting. Given current custody arrangements, she lives mostly with her mother who has failed to address this issue, but at least the watch is helpful when my fiancee and I have her. When we have her this summer, we plan to buy the bed alarm too.
soft and cuddly (Nov 07, 2011) Reviewer: Alice My granddaughter wants to see how this doll does potty, but I am holding off to show her until we have more hits than misses right now. The doll is soft and cuddly, she is just adorable and I am hoping she helps do the job along with Prudence.