Penguin Urinal for Boys

Penguin Urinal for Boys
Penguin Urinal for Boys Penguin Urinal for Boys Penguin Urinal for Boys Penguin Urinal for Boys Penguin Urinal for Boys Penguin Urinal for Boys
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Potty training your son can be a challenge but it doesn't have to be. When your son is ready to go potty standing up, this awesomely cute Penguin Urinal for Boys will do nicely! This simply adorable little urinal is bound to make going to the potty lots of fun!

It is adjustable, so that it can grow with your child until he is able to use the big toilet all by himself.

(It can easily be attached to the bathroom wall with suction cups or screws.)


  • Allows child to urinate by himself
  • Sized to fit and grow with your little boy
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing on supplied base
  • Easy to use
  • No need for a step stool
  • Wall or Floor Mounted
  • Adjustable up / down - total of 4" - giving it the ability to grow with your child


  • Sized to fit your toddler
  • Easy to Use
  • Encourage independence
  • Mounted on wall or toilet
  • Step stool not required
  • Available in multiple colors

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Product Specifications

UPC 895198000341
Color Blue , White , Black
Brand Potty Scotty
Product Type Urinals
Product Gender Male
Product Audience Kids
Material Plastic
Dimensions 15.5" x 11.5" x 7.5"

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Penguin Urinal (Jul 28, 2015) Reviewer: Matthew's mom My 3 yrs old son refused to pee when I started potty training him but since I got this urinal, the potty training got better. His dad just showed him how to use it and the rest was history. After just 1 week of using it, my son can now dump the urine in the toilet and clean the urinal by himself. I highly recommend this for parents who wants to start potty training their sons.
Love it! (Sep 14, 2016) Reviewer: Rebecca Emerson We have had this urinal for about two weeks and it is fantastic. Our little guy has gone from being resistant to self regulating. Super easy to use, contains everything really well, fits into tight areas. Highly recommend!
Grandson loves it! (Jan 04, 2016) Reviewer: Deborah Cloninger My grandson is almost 3 years old, and it has been hit and miss with potty training with him. He goes in this urinal now almost every time, and even wants to sit on it to poop, so now they are having to work on that part more. But he has come so far just over Christmas break, and I think that finally he will be in big boy undies all the time by his birthday this month.
My son loves it! (Oct 15, 2015) Reviewer: Justina Very easy to use! My son can empty it himself. Different heights. You can also attatch it to the wall for more height adjustments. Can use it for a long time! Wouldve been nice to have right when we started potty training. But We bought this product because my son isnt quite tall enough to reach the toilets in my house. Definitely a lot easier than lifting him up every time he has to go. Absolute best thing ever! My son loves using it too and emptying it himself. Great for boys and parents :)
Great (May 15, 2014) Reviewer: TLA I love this product! My 2 year old and 4 year old prefer this urinal over the potty/toilet and both can easily empty it into the toilet. Highly recommend.
FANTASTIC....SO HAPPY I GOT IT!!! (Sep 11, 2015) Reviewer: D. Williams This penquin urinal is great! I'm potty training my 2.5 year old son. 75% of the time he will pee standing up. We were glad he tried to get to his sit down potty but his aim...My husband and I were tired of cleaning up the floor. I ordered this because it was a cute and friendly character, the basin was bigger tha some of the other products i looked at, and it was free standing. We don't have walls that things like sticking to. I also love that it is adjustable. When we first broke it out, he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with it but the foot placement paper that came with it helped a ton. We'd tell him to put his feet on the yellow and go pee-pee in the penguin...and he does. I don't know if it's just fun for him, but he likes to go pee in there, then help dump it, then come back and do it again. The dumping is really easy. I was a bit nervous about letting him do it but he is so independent that he wasn't having it. I just helped him the first few times, but he got it pretty quick. He'll take it out, wait for me to open the toilet lid, dump it, flush it, then give it to me to rinse out while he washes his hands. It's been a huge help and i really do believe the size and penguin character helped keep my son interested.
Too small (Mar 31, 2017) Reviewer: Amanda Milner The unit is SO SMALL. My son isn't even 4 yet, and he's too tall for this. I know I can mount it to the wall, but I'd rather not. I liked the idea of it being portable, so if necessary I could move it to another bathroom.
awesome (Mar 21, 2014) Reviewer: William Blanchard My 2 and 3 year old loves it. My nephew also loves it
Making toilet training less stressful (Mar 31, 2015) Reviewer: Sandra Perry I purchased 2 of the penguins for my almost 4 year old grandson, one for my house and one for his house. He loves to use the penguin and isn't giving us a hard time when it's time to go. The only problem I found was the suction cups did not hold well, so we are using the stand filled with water. Because he uses a urinal at school this product is great for him, he goes like at school and has fun while doing it. Nice product.
Wonderful Potty Training Tool (Mar 27, 2015) Reviewer: Sasha Wu I started potty training my son when he was 2.5 years old. As soon as he learned to go to the bathroom sitting down, I knew teaching him how to just go #1 standing up was good ng to be a challenge. I started with a step stool in fromt of the toilet but, it just ended up being more for me to clean. When I purchased this product it was heaven sent. My son can now go pee by himself without me having to worry that he's going to make a mess. The feet mat really help him out too! I am so glad someone thought of this.
THE INCREDIBLE PENGUIN! (Sep 30, 2014) Reviewer: Renee Glick My not-quite 3yr old son has been trying to potty train all summer. I had heard of training potty's but not a training urinal! He started 2 half-days of school this fall and they had a training urinal that he couldn't have been MORE excited about!!!! I went online and saw that they had replaced the one HE is using at school with The MAGICAL PENGUIN! ....he started using the penguin and refused diapers in the same day!!! NO ACCIDENTS....NOT EVEN AT NIGHT! ....WOW!
A little pricey but worth it (Oct 04, 2017) Reviewer: Lisa Boughfman This urinal has greatly improved my nephew's interest in potty training. No problem with splatter and easy to remove and clean basin. It's adjustable height will allow years of use. Super cute, too!