Potty Adventure DVD

Potty Adventure DVD
Potty Adventure DVD
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Potty training has never been so much fun! 

This full-featured potty training program is designed to encourage and motivate children to say "Goodbye Diapers" and "Hello Potty"! 

Watch a video clip of the DVD!

Your child will embark on an exciting journey right along with the Pocket SnailsĀ® as they help guide their friend Jake and his little sister Wendy step by step through the complete potty process - all with the help of the Potty Steps Map (included).

This is the 3rd DVD title in Soaring Star's award winning Pocket Snails series starts the three min mollusks as they tackle the topic of potty training.

In this DVD, Pocket Snails Potty Adventure, the intrepid snail trio Gordon, Dale and Buttons help a little boy Jake, whose pocket they reside in, teach his younger sister about using the potty.

Soaring Star cleverly accomplishes this task by having the Pocket Snails set out with a camera and the Potty Steps Map to communicate the complete potty process with pictures and graphics for visual learning lesson.

As added resource for parents, each DVD comes complete with a child size Potty Steps Map (as seen in the movie) so that the child can follow along with the program and then use the map on their own learning adventures.

Running time: Approx. 30 minutes, plus bonus features

Age group: 2 and up

Winner of:

  • 2007 NAPPA Honors Award
  • 5-star Dove Foundation Award

DVD Bonus Features:

  • Bonus Scenes (Encouragement & Congratulations Scene)
  • Sing-Along Songs
  • Potty Chart Download
  • Blooper Reel
  • Music Player
  • Meet the Snails
  • Company Bio
  • Pocket Snails Series Commercial

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