I'm A Potty Princess DVD

I'm A Potty Princess DVD
I'm A Potty Princess DVD
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Little girls love to play Princess! It takes more than a magic wand and fairy dust to potty training toddler girls. Potty Training is a learned behavior and most kids learn best from modeling.

I'm a Potty Princess is a modeling potty video and a proven method of teaching appropriate skills and behaviors. Your child will learn from watching kids her own age use proper potty training skills.

This potty training movie benefits:

  • initiate and sustain interest in potty training
  • develop the responsibility to use the potty
  • model correct and appropriate skills through song and activities

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Product Specifications

UPC 092388113090
Color Pink , White , Black
Product Type DVDs
Product Gender Female
Theme Princess
Product Audience Kids
Theme Elements Princess

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