Potty Protector Potty Shield

Potty Protector Potty Shield
Potty Protector Potty Shield Potty Protector Potty Shield Potty Protector Potty Shield Potty Protector Potty Shield Potty Protector Potty Shield Potty Protector Potty Shield
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The Potty Protector is more than a plastic shield for your toilet! It is a time saver for busy moms. Say goodbye to urine stains and over spray on those hard to clean bathroom surfaces surrounding your toilet.

Potty Protector is a plastic shield that fits easily on your toilet to protect your porcelain and its surrounding areas (especially the back); leaving you with a fresh and clean surface every time you need to go. It is flexible and adaptable to fit any toilet; it is easy to clean and has a handle on the back for fast & easy removal.

The benefits of The Potty Protector are:

  • It's lightweight you don't need to use a lot of muscle to move this shield around
  • Its flexible Built in carry handles allow you to move it from bathroom to bathroom. This makes Potty Protector simple and convenient.
  • Its adaptable use the protector on most any toilet, regardless of its size or shape
  • Its long lasting this plastic piece can endure all kinds of elements over time. Because of the Potty Protectors sturdiness it can be used for multiple children. Definitely a cost savings!
  • Its easy to clean easily sanitized with the use of a disposable wipe or mild soap and water solution.


  • Curved and angled splashguard makes sure nothing lands outside.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fits regular and elongated toilets
  • Resuable


  • To clean wipe down with water and a mild detergent

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Product Specifications

Color White
Product Type Urinals
Product Gender Male
Product Audience Baby , Kids , Adult
Material Plastic
Manufacturer Potty Protector
Dimensions 11.25"
Minimum Age Requirement Minimum Age Requirement: 3
Room Bathroom
Department Home + Garden

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Not worth your money (Mar 13, 2017) Reviewer: Carlos Pezzotti This potty trainer is a piece of garbage It moves, doesn't stay in place and scares the kids when they sit. Also it bends over when kids sit on it. Don't spend your money on this crap. I bought three and the only reason I don't send it back is because i threw away the original box where it came from.
Works for an 11 year old! (Apr 30, 2016) Reviewer: Vonda I got this for my son who would get pee on the back of the toilet bowl, usually in the middle of the night or the morning. He didn't care for it until I told him this turned the toilet into a urinal, and then he was cool with it. It works great! I do wish they would make it taller so it was more age appropriate.
mom of 5 boys says 5 gold stars for the potty protector (Apr 09, 2016) Reviewer: J Dishman I LOVE this product, I only wish I'd had it when my older boys were younger. I use this in the bathroom most used by my 10yo son and my 2 grandsons. Cleanup is a breeze and is so minimal now that they can't pee all over the bathroom. The potty protector pays for itself immediately in the time spent NOT cleaning up the bathroom after a small boy uses it. And if company is coming over? It slips off in a second and stores away. I even took it to Grandma's when we were spending a week! I cant say enough good about it- and I speak from LOTS of experience!
This product saved my sanity and my bathroom walls! (Dec 02, 2016) Reviewer: karey richard I am totally 100% satisfied and pleased with this product. As a Mom of a special needs Son who is still just learning to use the potty this has saved my sanity and my bathroom sheetrock walls, haha! Thank you so much for your invention! I LOVE IT!
Potty Training (Oct 02, 2016) Reviewer: Corinne Kissell I think it should really be called a splash potty guard
A must for moms with boys!! (Feb 28, 2017) Reviewer: Kelley I purchased this for my grandsons. It is the amazing how clean the floor around my toilet stays!
AMAZING (Mar 28, 2017) Reviewer: Jacqueline Graham This potty/toilet shield is a lifesaver if you have boys. I now don't have to clean urine off the walls or floors anymore. It is so easy to attach. The picture showed it on top of the toilet rim, but I prefer to push I I down into the toilet bowl. Easy to spray clean and rinse. I got two of these. Great company and fast delivery.
Good product (May 27, 2017) Reviewer: Sandra Sutton I only wish it was twice as tall for an Adult. My son is very tall and I'm thinking of putting one on top of another to see if that works. notify me when you double the height of your product for Special needs Adults...Than you for your product!
Does job but... (Dec 09, 2017) Reviewer: Andrea Shaw While this product keeps the urine off my walls and floor- it constantly needs readjusting to fit our small bowl.
no more pee on the floor! (Jan 25, 2018) Reviewer: Natalia Dunlap My 2.5-year old son is practicing his aim... he is not very good at it yet. He chose the guest bathroom as his bathroom, so imagine the stink, embarrassing. The potty shield took care of that problem. Easy to take out. Simple and effective - that's how I like it.
Expected better (Dec 18, 2017) Reviewer: Jackie In the picture it shows taller than it is. It does not grip the toilet rim like in the picture no matter how you try to adjust it.
Saves me time. (Jul 18, 2018) Reviewer: Candice Johnson My boys ages 9 and 7 have no "aim" but now our bathroom cleaning is much easier. Works like intended.
Works (Sep 09, 2018) Reviewer: Caroline Slattery Got this for my special needs son. It works a treat. Light to lift. Easy to fit & clean. Simple idea effective result. I am happy with it.
Potty Protector Potty Shield (Oct 16, 2018) Reviewer: David Schaffner Purchased for a individual with a disability who has trouble hitting the mark and refuses to sit. The device has been working well. The opening in front could be a bit bigger, but that issue is probably due to round toilet. All-in-all it has helped us with a tough issue.
Potty Protector Potty Shield (Nov 03, 2018) Reviewer: Debra A Afton Hi, I really liked the product. It did help not having to clean around the toilet so much. Thank you
Potty shield (Nov 23, 2018) Reviewer: Paula Parlato Cracked after than a week Called and have yet to take a picture
No more mess! (Feb 19, 2019) Reviewer: Rachel Before I bought this, I was cleaning it my bathroom about 4 times a day, basically every time my three year old use the restroom. Now we just use the potty shield, and spray it down with my toilet-attached cloth diaper sprayer after every use. Super fast, super nice, and I can tell that it's going to be very durable. Incidentally, since I am so cloth diapering my other child, I also use the potty protector when I'm spraying out my cloth diapers. A nice bonus to be sure!
Lifesaver (Mar 12, 2019) Reviewer: Myheartisahouse I have 4 boys sharing a bathroom with me and the pee stink was unbearable! They often peed together or off the side of the toilet. This forced them to go in the front and prevented any spray. Plus they liked the novelty of it! You can stretch it out to fit any toilet size and it easily comes off and on. There’s a hook at the top (which I assume is to hang somewhere) but we don’t use it. Excellent product! I love it.
Or so great (Apr 16, 2019) Reviewer: MARIA BAGNOLI My toilet splash guard doesnt fot whatsoever. My toilet is way too small, it doesnt go in at all. I cant even sit it on top of the toilet seat or itll just fall off. I was hoping this would be a great solution to splashes but I think I wasted some money here. It also didnt come in any plastic, or good packaging. I am wondering if it can be returned.
Excellent gaurd (Jul 11, 2019) Reviewer: William Morgan This product is so awesome. Great for boys who do not aim well and love to miss the toilet. This protects the wall, trash can and floor. And the pee runs off I to toilet. I love it.
Make this for an Adult. (Aug 04, 2019) Reviewer: Erwin Williamson I wish that you would make this product in taller size. This works for my adult son with dementia but it would be even better if it were be 3 to 6 inches taller. With the prevalence of dementia, you would sell quite a few.
Awesome for learning toddlers (Sep 14, 2019) Reviewer: Shannon Viola I love this product! Saves me from constantly cleaning up after my three year old.
Works great (Oct 28, 2019) Reviewer: Veronica Bishop Ordered this item for a kiddo and it has been working great! It has done the job we needed it to do!!