Elmo's Potty Time DVD - Sesame Street

Elmo's Potty Time DVD - Sesame Street
Elmo's Potty Time DVD - Sesame Street
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Potty training can be fun! Create a positive potty time experience for your child with Elmo, Baby Bear, Grover, and other Sesame Street friends with ELMO'S POTTY TIME! This amusing and song-filled DVD teaches children that everyone- mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and even monsters- has to learn how to use the potty.

Your child will learn that accidents are okay and that it takes time and practice before he can use the potty on his own. So dance, sing, and laugh as you and your child learn confidence-building skilled and helpful healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Chapter Listings

  1. Diapers [7:35]
  2. Getting Better [2:35]
  3. Potty Animal [6:50]
  4. Gotta Go [4:36]
  5. Curly Bear [4:00]
  6. Training Pants [5:43]
  7. Wash and Dry [5:31]
  8. Use the Potty [2:43]
  9. The First Time [4:25]

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Product Specifications

UPC 828768411599
Color Black
Product Type DVDs
Product Gender Unisex
Character Elmo , Sesame Street
Product Audience Kids

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Love Elmo (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Karen My 2 1/2 yr old daughter loves this video. It is non-pressuring and fun. Elmo talks about feeling the urge to go and washing your hands after going. I just bought it last week and I'm waiting to see if it helps with potty training.
All our guests think this seat is the coolest! (May 13, 2009) Reviewer: DomesticDivaDee Friends think this seat is so cool because the seat lowers slowly, almost like hydraulics! The previous reviewer noted that the lid can slam down. However, it is so light, I don't think a child would suffer a major finger smash as they would from a standard lid. Also, since it is light, toddlers can close it gently on their own and it is not heavy for their little arms. The kid and adult seats do not smash down, and they are the heaviest. My tot loves this seat because he doesn't have to balance himself. Another bonus, he scoots up onto the seat without a step stool. In fact he refuses it, because the seat is so small he can scoot backward without fear of falling in. Although expensive, worth every penny in peace of mind and comfort for your little one.
love elmo but wrong dvd (Jun 16, 2009) Reviewer: Maggie

My daughter is an Elmo fanatic so I thought this tape would work great. I think the problem was that if you have a PBS devotee like my two year old, they just feel that it is another lesson Elmo teaches and not the breakthrough message we moms are searching for.

Don't get me wrong I love Elmo and everything the fuzzy little guy stands for. I just think you may want to purchase a dvd that the child feels is new and as exciting as the prospect of wearing big kid underpants.

Disappointing (Sep 25, 2009) Reviewer: Julie Daly My daughter really loves Elmo, but this DVD didn't help the process. It's a great Elmo DVD to have on hand, but I think the potty message was completely lost because it's very abstract. Perhaps the message would be better understood by an older child, but my daughter is 2 and I just don't think she really got some of the ideas they were trying to get across with their songs and dancing. At least it's entertaining for her.
Not Appropriate (Nov 25, 2009) Reviewer: Stormy

My 17 mo son really likes the beginning with Elmo, but the trip to the dim lit TP factory he couldn't care less about, and really what toddler would?

And I got to say, I don't want my kid listening to rap. Toddlers are just getting the hang of speaking, having someone ramble words at an accelerated speed...not helpful or appropriate.

Also, we go pee pee and poo poo not dookie or woo woo. The video's geared toward older children that should be using the potty already, so unless you want to confuse and bore your child, I'd look into another video.

And No they don't use the Elmo potty chair at anytime in the video. We're going to try Bear in the Big Blue House: Potty Time.

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Love It (Apr 01, 2010) Reviewer: idahomom

My almost two year old loves this DVD. We went to the store and bought an "Elmo Potty".

When she "gets that potty feeling" she asks to sit on her "Elmo Potty". It is cute and effective.

She also understands that there are many words that describe pee, potty, poop, toilet, etc.

It seems it is a fun way to compliment the infomation and routines we are teaching her.

WORKS GREAT!!! (Apr 17, 2010) Reviewer: Katy

It worked great for us!

Our girl trained in just a week, with no power struggle, because it is Potty Watch, and not me, telling her that IT IS TIME TO GO...

I only wish it was not shaped like a toilet¡¡¡ Since I am the one who is wearing it.

It is a bit bulky for a 2 year old. Still would buy it again, and recomend to all my friends.

Home Day Care Provider (Aug 30, 2010) Reviewer: Holly Pankau

I love this DVD all the kids love it and they are excited to try to potty after viewing.

They watch it over and over.

Great songs and story.

Yee Haw (Dec 10, 2010) Reviewer: Sierra I absolutely love this product. I have two boys, ages 10 and 7, it has absolutely spared us from having to repaint the wall and radiator situated near the toilet. Having a young, autistic boy helped tremendously during potty training. Have recommended to many parents and teachers, as well, No more smelly floors and walls. Thank You for this wonderful invention.