Tips for When Potty Accidents Happen

Accidents will happen!

These are almost unavoidable, since your child will be learning something new and not all the feelings are there yet within their bodies to let them know that they need to use the bathroom.

Their bodies have not developed all the sensors yet within themselves that tell them that their bladder is full or that they need to poop. However, although these can be frustrating at times, you have to handle them calmly.

Becoming upset at your child could delay the potty training process, by making them feel self conscious about going and not wanting to go. Once they realize that accidents are something bad, they may hold their pee or poop instead or become uptight about using the bathroom and want to revert back to diapers.

Diapers cannot be used again when potty training begins. However, children that become anxious about potty training many times have more accidents since they are uptight about the experience. Letting your child know that accidents happen and that it is okay is a better way to handle the accidents.

Let them know that they just need to try harder next time and to communicate more with you about what they are feeling. However, children should be taught to help clean up the accident as well, depending on their age.

A child that is two or older can help with the clean up and this helps to reinforce that going on the potty is better than having an accident. They also need to be taught to be responsible for their bodies and how they are feeling too, so having them help with the clean up (i.e. wiping up any pee, putting underwear in the dirty laundry) also empowers them and reinforces to them to use the bathroom instead.

Keep in mind, accidents at night will occur too and the clean up by children may not necessarily need to be done at this time, since they need to be very solid on day time potty training before they can understand and catch on to night time potty training.

Every child is different, so when nighttime potty training accident happens, they still need to go use the bathroom to make sure there is nothing left. But you still need to stay calm. You do not want these accidents hidden either, only to be found later with a larger mess.

Staying calm and supportive and letting your child know that you are not angry will help them be able to trust you at this crucial time and to keep trying to potty train until they have it down pat with no accidents occurring.

Also, when potty accidents happen away from home or in the car, do not make a scene and clean the accident as quickly as possible, while also making sure to get your child to a bathroom so that they can finish going. The less upset about the accident that you are, the less other people around will notice.

Here are few necessary travel potty training products that will help to prevent accidents:

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