Knot a Bag - Disposable Plastic Bags

Knot a Bag - Disposable Plastic Bags
Knot a Bag - Disposable Plastic Bags
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It's NOT a bag a until you KNOT it!

The product is perfect to have on hand with you when you start to venture out into the world after the "Big Day". If your child does have an accident and you have to change him/her, this knot-a-bag is perfect for the soiled clothes.

You can create you own bag in any length that you need. You can make different bags for the really soiled and another one for the not so soiled clothes.

You don't have to worry about carrying a number of plastic bags with you. This patent pending product allows you to create scented bags of any length. Make the right number and right size of plastic bags right there and then!!!

This product comes with two rolls of scented plastic bags. Each roll is 12 inches wide and over 32 feet long. Refills of 3 rolls each are also available.

* Easy to use
* Quick and convenient
* Refillable plastic roll
* Create your custom bag lenghth
* Lightweight and durable dispenser
* Portable, compact and easy to store

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Product Specifications

UPC 602734917656
Color Blue , Black
Pattern Solid
Product Type Bags
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids , Adult
Material Plastic
Bag Type Disposable Bags
Department Luggage + Bags

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