Piddle Pad - Waterproof Car Seat Liner

Piddle Pad - Waterproof Car Seat Liner
Piddle Pad - Waterproof Car Seat Liner Piddle Pad - Waterproof Car Seat Liner
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This Car Seat Liner called Piddle Pad is a waterproof liner that protects car seats, strollers and joggers from messy diaper leaks and potty training accidents.

This original style piddle pad is made with soft, absorbent fabric that is comfortable and absorbent.


  • Machine Washable
  • Fits most harness systems
  • Soft, absorbent terrycloth
  • Waterproof vinyl back
  • Safe, contoured design
  • Soft, upright harness shield

Check out all of our Car Seat Liners that help extend the life of your kid's car seat or stroller!

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Product Specifications

UPC 012914773802
Color Black
Product Type Car Seat Liners , Potty Accessories
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Kids
Department Car + Automotive

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finally! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: kimmy my friends son loved coming over to my house while his mom went to work but any time we went some ware he had an accident and i had to buy a new car seat(it happened 7 times)so i put this on his car seat next time he had an accident we didnt have to get a new car seat
Simple, functional design, unbeatable price (May 05, 2010) Reviewer: Dave (Dad of 9 Kids)

We have 9 children, ages 10 and under, and we travel a lot.

We were frustrated by the lack of a truly waterproof car seat cover that was comfortable for kids, but you didn't have to spend an hour taking apart a car seat each time you wanted to put it on or take it off.

This is IT! We successfully employed this on a 27-day driving trip with our children and it worked wonderfully.

This works well at preventing the seat from getting wet, or if you forgot to do that and there is an accident, you can change the child, put this down, and have a dry surface for them to sit on while you continue to travel.

We were delighted to find this--much thanks to the smart and savvy developers of this product!

worth every penny (Sep 10, 2009) Reviewer: Rachel these work very well, especially for those long trips when accidents are definitely going to happen. Just throw it in the wash and it is good as new. Much less wear and tear on your carseat cover!
works well for boys i know! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: meo My son always waits until we get in the car to tell me he has to pee. Now i just pull it out and he can relieve himself quickly. Now he is older and he says mom i have to pee, and i hand it to him and he goes fast and is done! Great for vacation or outdoors son loves it (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: pixilateddoxy We have 3 potties- this one, baby bjorn, frog from [...]. My favorite is the fisher price frog but when this one arrived it's the one he likes and uses the most. He's almost 2 but very tall 37". He is able to use it just fine and the straddle style almost makes him sit in a way which makes the pee shoot down. Here's the part I hate: there is no lift out bowl so you must twist the tongue to remove the front face, take the whole potty and dump in the toilet, then clean. Not so convenient, but for my son I will endure this process till he moves to the big toilet.
Did not absorb as you it would... (Mar 31, 2010) Reviewer: Andrea

I just bought it for my son and he tried yesterday and it leaked all over his legs and went through his pants.

I just have a question? Is he suppose to wear it with a daiper cover?

I am very dissapointed about it :(

Potty Training Concepts Responce;

At this time we are only aware of this product failing due to incorrect size, unintended usage (using like a diaper), miss handling during laundering, and the very rare defective pant. We do however address any concerns that are brought to our attention.

HAVE 2!!! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian While potty training my daughter she kept having accidents in the car, this was such a big help! It works great! I have one for each car seat.