TP Saver - Toilet Paper Saver

TP Saver - Toilet Paper Saver
TP Saver - Toilet Paper Saver
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Toddler Proof your Toilet Paper!! TP Saver is a safe and easy-to-use device that prevents small children or pets from unrolling the toilet paper into an unusable heap on the floor. TP Saver slips into place without having to remove the paper from the holder. It's easy for an adult or older child to unlock and use when needed. Small children or pets are limited to pulling one sheet at a time off the roll. It also works well for potty training - parents can meter use.

Marketed under the "Mom Invented" seal, the product reflects the commitment of Mom Inventors to high quality, family-oriented solutions for everyday life.

The patent pending device has been designed to consumer Federal regulation safety requirements. Additional safety features and benefits include a neutral color for minimizing the child's attention and reducing the overall risk of toilet paper ingestion.

TP Saver is not only for the young. The product also works well in boats or RVs where driving motion and movement causes the roll of paper to unroll.

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Product Specifications

UPC 892458000011
Color Gray , Black
Product Type Bathroom Accessories , Potty Accessories
Product Gender Unisex
Material Plastic
Room Bathroom
Department Home + Garden

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