Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty

Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty
Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty Potty Training Chart & Stickers - Potty Patty
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This Potty Training Chart & Stickers by Potty Patty is a complete potty training reward system for your girl. This potty training chart can be posted anywhere from the bathroom, to the kitchen as a reminder of progress and a easy way to praise your daughter on her accomplishments in potty training.

This Potty Patty Potty Training Chart & Stickers is a truly personalized potty training reward system! You can personalize this potty chart with your girl's name and photograph.

With the flexibility of a reusable potty chart, you can personalize the rewards that will encourage and motivate YOUR child that day, week or month. Potty Patty Potty Chart is reusable, and comes complete with a potty training certificate that you can put the child's name on when the child has completely potty trained.

The potty stickers are great potty training rewards, and are used on the chart to track progress ( example: 3 stickers = 1 candy) or can be given as a reward byt themselves. We include blank stickers and a dry erase marker inside so you can easily change the reward from the example of 1 candy to 1 toy car or whatever you decide.

Potty Training Chart & Stickers by Potty Patty includes:

  1. 8.5 X 11 laminated reusable potty training chart
  2. 192 colorful stickers
  3. Guide to Potty Training your Toddler
  4. Keepsake potty training certificate
  5. A blue dry erase marker
  6. 2 magnetic strips to post your potty chart on the fridge
  7. Plastic hook to hang potty chart in the bathroom

We offer a wide range of Potty Training Charts for Girls or Girls Potty Training Products if you are looking for more options.

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Product Specifications

Color Multicolored
Brand Potty Patty
Product Type Potty Training Charts
Product Gender Female

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Fun Chart (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: M. Terrasi My daughter loves stickers, so this was perfect for her! Don't know if she really understood the reward system though!
potty training reward sticker n chart (Jun 12, 2012) Reviewer: Robyn Fantastic! Great incentive for kids.
(Nov 30, 2012) Reviewer: Joao

I let my daughter run around without pants on and set the potty chair in the living room. Not the most ideal I know but it worked.

I then made a sticker chart for her and every time she pottied in the potty chair she got a sticker. Before you know it she was going potty all the time! Then I saved the potty sticker chart for her baby book. It took a couple of days to get her to actually sit on the potty for the first time but I praised her extremely when she did it! Good luck, she will be potty trained before you know it!

Charting Progress (Jan 28, 2016) Reviewer: Laura Darshan This chart is too small and not designed for 2 year olds. My daughter placed it in the bathroom next to the potty chair but so far the only thing my grand daughter found of interest was the red marker that she used to create art work on her arm! I used a sticker reward system years ago, good idea but the board and the stickers need to be larger and more designed for littler ones. Might work well with older children who understand the concepts charted on the board. Buy your own poster board and some stickers of interest and make your own