Potty Training Chart Weekly

Potty Training Chart Weekly
Potty Training Chart Weekly

Your little one can fill in the blanks with markers, FREE stickers, or our all new assorted character stickers on this adorable Weekly Potty Training Chart.

Complete with colorful design and shooting star-studded corners, your little potty trainer personlize his very own chart with his name and color or sticker it in however he wishes Monday thru Friday!

Potty training charts are a highly recommended potty training resource because they take a tangible record of the child's progress, and give him something to work towards.

You can reward your child for desired potty behaviors such as:

    • pulling his pants down all by himself!
    • sitting on the potty
    • going in the potty!
    • flushing when done
    • washing his hands when done

Download the PDF or JPEG version of the Weekly Potty Training Chart, and you are all set to begin your potty adventure!


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