White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants

White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants
White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants White Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants
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Size (See Size Chart): XSmall (19-24 lbs) Small (24-29 lbs) Medium (29-34 lbs) Large (33-38 lbs) XLarge (39-44 lbs) XXLarge (44-49 lbs)
Add Waterproof Pull On Pants (reduce messes)?

These padded cotton potty training pants are specially designed to fit loosely so that they can be easily pulled on and off by your toddler, without adult help. Not only does this increase the chance of getting on the potty in time, but it also makes whole process much more independent, which is one of the goals potty training.

They have an absorbent center panel that contains the accidents, but still allows your toddler to feel uncomfortable and therefore increase her awareness of her excretory function, especially when compared to diapers and pull-ups.

These training pants feature breathable side panels, wide rib leg bands for a comfortable fit and a center panel with fiber sponge for super absorbency.

These padded potty training pants are very comparable to the Gerber training pants when it comes to function. Moms have told us that they prefer the quality of these training pants over Gerber Training Pants for Girls .

We highly recommend these potty training pants. They are our best sellers, however these potty pants are not waterproof and if you are worried about messes and leakages coming through the potty pants, we carry three other types of potty training pants that have a waterproof outer layer:

  1. Simple, but effective waterproof pull on pants that would go over the padded potty pants and provide the added protection.
  2. The 2 in 1 Waterproof Potty Training Pants - by Potty Patty are ideal if you are worried about accidents making a big mess and leaking everywhere.
  3. The Night Time Potty Training Pants with Waterproof PUL Fabric are great for naps or night time potty training.

Care Instructions for Padded Potty Training Pants :
Machine wash in warm water with like colors. Use only non-chlorinated bleach when needed. Tumble dry on low to medium. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

See our: Size Chart

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Product Specifications

Color White
Pattern Solid
Brand Mom Innovations
Product Type Training Pants
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Material Cotton
Training Pants Features Cloth (Washable / Reusable) , Padded / Absorbent , Pull On / Pull Off
Training Pants - Absorbency Rating Medium
Apparel Size Multiple Sizes Available

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very underwear like (Nov 11, 2008) Reviewer: samantha this are suppose to be padded for absorbency. my daughter pee'd and it wet through like she would with reg. underwear. i wouldn't recommend it.

OUR RESPONSE: It is clearly stated that these are not suppose to be used as diapers. These potty pants are not waterproof and if you are worried about messes and leakages coming through the potty pants, we carry three other types of potty training pants that have a waterproof outer layer:

1. Simple, but effective waterproof pull on pants that would go over the padded potty pants and provide the added protection.

2. The 2 in 1 Waterproof Potty Training Pants - by Potty Patty are ideal if you are worried about accidents making a big mess and leaking everywhere.

3. The Night Time Potty Training Pants with Waterproof PUL Fabric are great for naps or night time potty training.

my daughter (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian my daughter just started potty training and i found this and the potty pants and i recommend you buy for your son or daughter that is potty training
Not as great as I had hoped (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous Despite doing what the instructions tell you to do, Scotty leaks when he lays down to drink. He is also very noisy when you squeeze his leg to make him pee. The leaking problem has also made it hard to get the doll to hold enough water to make the pee come out smoothly, as a stream, instead of a noisy squirt. Though I am a fan of the ideas of dolls and books to help kids learn what the potty is for, my son isnt crazy about Scotty and I find my son makes a face when Scotty is sitting on his potty trying to pee. I'm not sure if it is the doll or the noise he makes peeing. If I were you, I'd try to buy one gently used, just incase he doesnt go over well - you've havent spent over $50!
Better than other Training (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Aaron's Mommy We LOVE the Padded Training Pants. They're the way to go! We've tried the 2 in 1 Waterproof pants, with our 3 year old son, in a larger size, in a smaller size and they still leak. In other words, his clothes get wet. They also don't fit that well, regardless of the size. Same applies to the Waterproof Night Time Pants - they leak through to the clothes - even with only one accident. The PADDED training pants are the BEST. They absorb well and fit just like ordinary underwear. They're soft and our son doesn't sweat in them, as he does the waterproof pants - its Summer - and warm outside. The Padded pants are great! They contain an accident. Yes, his clothes will get wet,(as they do with the waterproof pants, anyway) but it's not all over the floor and/or furniture, as it would be with regular underwear. They're like regular underwear with extra protection. Can't go wrong with these. They fit well (better than the 2 in 1 pants), too. GREAT BUY!! Thank you.
We have a winner! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: OneMom These pants aren't comparable to Gerber ... they are 100x better than Gerber! I wish we had tried these first instead of Gerber and a bunch of "designer" training pants that cost more for 1 pair than Potty Patty costs for six pairs! The other great thing is that these actually come in sizes for kids bigger than two-years old.
awsome (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous I went on vacation with my son and he is a little pee pot and every few minutes he will tell me he has to pee and I'll hand him the Travel John Jr. and he sticks his private in and relieves himself easy and quick and we do not have to stop every few minutes so he can let out a few drops
PERFECT (Jan 06, 2009) Reviewer: Stephanie I have used the Gerber's ones for my two boys and now i am getting ready to use on my girl. They are perfect because they really absorb a lot but still let her feel the wetness. I am not a fan of pull ups because its like wearing a diaper. You cannot find these training pants at Target.
WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR POTTY TRAINING (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: valerie reynolds I just received the training pants today and my 3 years old daughter wanted to put them on right away. These are very nice and worth every cent very good fabric. I am so glad I found this site for potty training and will tell all my family and friends. Thanks for so much for great products and wonderful customer service.
Not for beginners (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Ruth Purchased a 6 pack of these for my potty training beginner. I need to stress that these pants will not contain any mess as the pee will simply stream through the pants, so you'll definitely need a waterproof cover or go for a waterproof training pant. The cotton is very soft, comfortable, and roomy. Also, the pants were easy for her to pull up and down.
TOO MUCH OF A TOY! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: shelley TOO much of a toy!! my daughter wanted to play with this as a toy rather than sit on it. The seat says, "upppp....dowwnnnn." when lifted. so she lifted it over and over... spun the fake toilet paper roll just to hear the song..used the flush handle over and over! and then started to put stuff IN the potty for storage! I would close the bathroom door to keep her for it and she would cry to play with it. Needless to say I put it away. I thought it would encourage/excite her and give her something to entertain her.. but, sorry,I am going back to a plain old basic chair with books on hand for entertainment Not recommended by me. My daughter is 2.
works great (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: K.S. My daughter loves her Big-Girl panties. I think potty training pants are the way to go with potty training. My Daughter would sit in her wet diaper for hours and hours without complaint. With these she lets me know immediately that she's had a wet accident. I chose the medium size because she was between size small and medium (28.5 lbs) and I thought it would give her room to grow. They might be a little big because the pee gushes to the floor. I couldn't find any training pants in stores and was happy to find this website with so many choices.
Loved these over gerber (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Danica's Mommy I bought these and the gerber version, since I'm new at this. These hands down are the better choice. They are thicker, softer, and hold more. The wetness stays on the child and doesn't run down the leg nearly as fast as the gerber. I want my daughter to feel the discomfort of the wetness and not just have it end up on the floor as soon as she goes.
Too tight (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Anonymous I bought the X-Large size and the waist band is extremely tight. I lost my money. Potty Training Concepts Response: Our return/exchange policy is available at http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Return-Policy.html
Great product (Mar 25, 2009) Reviewer: Pam Canada I used these on my now grown children. But now I own a daycare center and recommend these trainers to my parents. Not only do they keep my floors clean, the children are uncomfortable wearing them when wet and won't them off immediately, not so with pull ups (waste of money in my book, except for night time). The Gerber trainers however are not good for night time. They won't hold multiple tinkles. But great for day use. I wish you could find them in stores more.
Best Plastic Pants (Apr 08, 2009) Reviewer: Gina These are the best plastic pants I have ever purchased! Not sure why but these have held together through washing and drying. No holes or rips in them at this point. I have purchased many Gerber "training pants" at the stores but they always fall apart very quickly. I would even hand wash them and hang them to dry and still have them rip. Not so with these!
Does any of this really work ? (Apr 24, 2009) Reviewer: Kay With a new born , I would love to actually get some help ! I'm not sleeping and it's been 2 months ! What I've found though , is most authors are just scamming to make $ . Has this Narmin person ever HAD any children ? Potty Training Concepts Response: Yes, Narmin Parpia has two boys who were both potty trained using this method. The first child was accident free in 4 days and the second child was accident free in one day.
GREAT Source for all Parents! (Jun 08, 2009) Reviewer: B. Trevino I highly recommend this book to all parents of children whether they have special needs or not. It's a great book that contains information on important aspects and developmental stages that ALL children go through. I especially found helpful the Potty Training section which gave me various tips that have been very helpful in this process with training my 2 year old daughter!
potty training (Sep 09, 2010) Reviewer: sara smith I really like these potty training pants. My daughter is not training as fast as I want but at least with these she feels it. She wears them at home and since it is 100+ here this is all she wears. They tend to leak if she is not wearing a cover. The covers are great. I did not get the overnight ones because they do not have them in her size but she leaks out of huggies overnight pull up.

I only gave it four stars because the return is slow and the shipping is over priced. I love the potty training pants so I ordered them somewhere else for free shipping.
Love them! (Jan 18, 2011) Reviewer: Jennifer These are great! Trim, absorbent, and work with just about any pull on waterproof pants. They take a bit of time to dry, but well worth it. Much better than Gerber training pants!
Awesome!!!! (Feb 17, 2011) Reviewer: Sophia My daughter was so excited to get her new Potty Patty Padded Underwear in the mail. She wanted to put on a pair as soon as I opened them. The underwear are great no more messes to clean up in the floor if she has an accident, the material is very soft, and they fit her very well. I went by her weight and they fit perfect. She is 2 1/2 and weighs 37 pounds. I would recommend these training pants to any one that is starting the potty training process. Since we started using the Potty Patty Underwear she even puts on her underwear all by herself. I love it because they make her feel like a Big Girl:) I do think that shipping cost to much so i gave it 4 stars.
Hooray for X-SMALL! (May 12, 2011) Reviewer: Gina Benavides I was so happy to finally find an X-Small size training pant for my 4mth-old petite daughter. The pant says 19-24lbs., but she was 12-13lbs. when we got them, and they worked/work well for her. I have had them for a couple of months now, and they have washed and dried well. Great brand, super fast shipping. Highly recommended. Extremely satisfied customer.
work very well (Jun 22, 2011) Reviewer: Christy These pants are great for when your child is doing pretty well with urinating in the potty but may still have trouble with the BM's. I notice that some reviewers mention that the leg openings are tight. For me, that is a plus, not a minus. The snug-fitting leg openings really hold in the BM's so there is no mess dripping down my child's legs. Also, the sizing on the chart is accurate, and there is only minimal shrinkage (for a great fit) when washed as directed.
Great training pants! (Aug 16, 2011) Reviewer: Happy Momma These work very well for us. Good fit and enough absorbancy to catch accidents. We use these in size XS with size XS Dappi pants, since this website doesn't carry plastic pants that are small enough for our little one. Highly recommend!
potty training plastic pants (Aug 31, 2011) Reviewer: Tammy They work great. They are a little big, my girl is small for her age and the smallest pair is too big.
Great Potty (Oct 09, 2011) Reviewer: Sue This potty fits my elongated toilet perfectly. It does not slide around and is comfortable for my two year old grandson who is big for his age. The splash guard is the best one I've seen. My grandson also liked the idea that we put his name on his potty.
just what it says (Jan 15, 2012) Reviewer: carol tardiff The product was just as the description and picture said. Can't give a review of how good the underwear as potty training hasn't started yet. But the undies are cute!
good to find these (Jan 15, 2012) Reviewer: carol tardiff I looked everywhere locally to find Elmo underwear. This was the only site that had both girl's and boy's Elmo undies. Delivery was both fast and accurate.
absorbent (Mar 20, 2012) Reviewer: Potty training mama great potty training pants, very absorbent, good quality
Ab-sor-bent! (Apr 16, 2012) Reviewer: Barb W Good padded training pants are SOOOOOO hard to find in local stores here, if at all. So, I was thrilled to find these here at a great price. They have exceeded my expectations regarding absorbency and containment of solids, even though my grandson is on the tall, thin side of the growth charts. I would recommend these to anyone needing to start potty training their child.
Cotton Cloth Potty Training Pants for Girls (Sep 19, 2012) Reviewer: pwhiffen

Purchased for granddaughter who is daytime potty trained but peed in pullups at night. After a few accidents she is pretty much dry at night.

The pants wake her up because she feels the wetness. The fit is great.

Great! (Apr 24, 2013) Reviewer: EJ A great fit for our wee one and really great quality! I couldn't find anything even close to this in any store or any other webstore.
3x Thicker than Gerber (May 12, 2013) Reviewer: Kristin Teffeteller Very impressed. Though I used Gerber trainers with my first, I would have to double them to catch all the leaks on the way to the potty. These are at least 3x thicker in the crotch area without being overly so. I took pictures to compare to Gerber but will have to post a review to Amazon with those. True to size/lb stated. I picked up SM and Med for my 27lb son and Large for my 48lb daughter for oopsies overnight. Expecting them to hold up. Gerber were fine as beginning panties AFTER potty training was established just to catch the minor leaks. My 4yr old still has two pair from 2yrs ago that she wears. Both items are a win but these Potty Scotty are preferred for the early days! (I did white so we could "sun" the stains away!)
Best Available! (Jul 12, 2013) Reviewer: C. Have used these pants over the past few years, and can't say enough good things about them. They hold more than any other cloth training pant we've used, wash well, and are offered in a wide range of sizes.
Better than Gerber's (Mar 16, 2015) Reviewer: Ispa Iadanza These training pants are way more absorbent than the Gerber ones you can get in the store. It is evident from the moment you hold them. Combined with the Thirsties PUL cover it contains any daytime accident just fine. They are true to the measurements listed and my 25lbs little one with medium legs and a pop belly wears the small. She is not yet 2 so she has difficulty with the motor skills required to pull these up and down on her own, but she loves wearing them. She only requests to wear a diaper for outings, naps and bedtime. We are taking her lead since she was ready young and allowing her to build confidence in her own time. These trainers give her enough time to get to the potty without making a mess that runs down her leg which she hates and happened a lot with the Gerber ones. These are so much better. I will say that the original batch I received had all had the same defect, but returns were painless and timely. I would purchase from PTC again if we have another child. These trainers are worth every penny.
Potty training panties (Mar 25, 2018) Reviewer: Ameel They are just great
Training pants white cotton (Nov 19, 2018) Reviewer: Marilyn Heflin I loved them but broke his butt out with horrible rash.. only on parts where the padding touched his skin.. I washed and rinsed twice but still broke him out something in padding.. he had a reaction to make be the viscose..think they would be wonderful if it wasn’t for the reaction he had to them.. he can’t wear biggie training pants either but does ok with Pampers..
Thick and absorbent (Dec 29, 2019) Reviewer: Jennifer B Carr Great quality underwear, especially for children with special needs.