Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys

Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys
Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys

Complete System for Boys includes EVERYTHING you need to Potty Train Your Child in One Day!!!! Potty Training in One Day is a method of potty training where the child uses a potty training doll to learn and teach how to go potty. This method also encourages the parent to get the child out of diapers and into potty training pants. That is why a 6 pack of training pants is offered, to give you the parent the resources to successfully implement this method.

Every boy at the beginning of potty training will need either a potty chair or potty seat, in this case we provide both! Giving your son the opportunity to decide where "he" wants to go potty, gives him that confidence and independence needed in potty training.

The following 7 items are included:

1) Potty Scotty™ Doll

He is:

  • 16” Tall
  • Made of soft vinyl
  • Anatomically correct
  • Drink & Wet-on-Demand™
  • Can be fed laying down or sitting up
  • Can urinate in ANY potty or toilet
  • Scotty can urinate / pee standing up or sitting down
  • Clothes specially designed to potty train
  • Wearing a diaper underneath clothes
  • Doll can be given a bath
  • No batteries required
  • Doll conforms to the ASTM F963 safety requirements

2) 3 doll potty training pants

Potty Scotty™ comes wearing a diaper underneath his two piece outfit. On the "Big Day" - Scotty will ceremoniously change into his potty training pants (along with your son, who will change into his "Big Kid" Potty Training Pants) to celebrate the fact that they are now big boys and do not wear diapers any more!!

The additional two doll potty training pants are included because Scotty will have accidents on the "Big Day" and will have to change into his clean potty pants (part of the Potty Training in One Day Process!!)

3) Two bottles™ to feed Potty Scotty

We have included two different type of bottles for the potty training doll. The first one has a screw top lid - so to fill it up - you simply unscrew the lid and put it under the tap.

The second bottle is a one piece design and fills up by suction. To fill this bottle - you squeeze it and place it inverted in a glass full of water. The first time, it will probably fill up about half way. To get more water into the bottle, squeeze it again until the rest of the air is out and then again place it inverted into the glass of water.

4) 6 Potty Training Pants

We have specially designed these padded potty training pants to fit loosely so that they can be pulled on and off by the toddler, without adult help. Not only does this increase the chance of getting to the potty on time, but it also makes whole process much more independent, which is the goal of this potty training system.

They have an absorbent center panel that contains the accidents, but will make your toddler uncomfortable and therefore increase his awareness of his excretory function, especially when compared to diapers and pull-ups.

The potty pants feature breathable side panels, wide rib leg bands for a comfortable fit and a 5-ply center panel with fiber sponge for super absorbency. (more information)

5) Potty Scotty Potty Chair

This smooth, simple, light weight and portable potty chair has no edges to pinch your toddlers thighs. It is easy to clean and has a low splash guard.

It has cut outs on the fronts and sides for easy lifting. It is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position.

This basic potty chair is all that is required to potty train your child.

6) Potty Scotty Potty Seat

This toilet seat is made of durable, PVC free and recyclable plastic and is designed to fit just about any toilet.

It can be used for initial potty training or it can help your child make the transition from the potty to the toilet.

It is designed for safety, comfort and fun. The non-slip rubber edges hold it in place. It is very portable and easy to move from toilet to toilet, since it is not permanently attached to the adult toilet.

It has a hook to hang it when it is not in use.

7) The Parent's Potty Training in One Day : A Guide for Today's Parents

This guide shows you a step by step process on how to potty train your child and is based on my experience, as well as the collective experiences of all the moms that used these dolls.

The table of contents for the Potty Training in One Day : A Guide for Today's Parents is as follows:

  • Potty Training Today
  • The Planning and Preparation
  • The "Big Day"
  • The Follow-Up & Maintenance
  • Key Questions and Issues for Potty Training in One Day
  • Bowel Movement Training
  • Bed Wetting
  • Potty Training Summary

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Product Specifications

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THE BEST!!!!!! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous This seat is the BEST. You can let it on the toilet and still close the lid to flash! Very strong adults can sit one if you just can't wait one more minute to use the toilet. Will last a very long time. The Sticker come off quikly but it's a great seat!!!!!!
It Worked for Us. (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian Well, it's the 3rd day past the BIG DAY and NO ACCIDENTS! Your product is great! I followed the book exactly. My son understood potty training right away. I never really started potty training him until I bought your doll and I'm glad because I was able to achieve it with 1 try, successfully. I see so many other parents try it differently and continually fail. I can't wait to visit friends and family so show my son's success. He is even wearing underwear to bed, waking up, in the morning, dry and telling us he has to go pee, right away. thanks so much! Kyle Young
Issues to think about... (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Shannon I read "Toilet Training in Less than a Day" (TTINLTAD) before finding this program and using it. (same concept, shorter book) It's a great concept and has worked great for many parents that I know of. It's day 2 and our son knows what to do but will not initiate on his own. So be mentally prepared, because it's exhausting. Get the next size up of training pants for your child. TTINLTAD says that you want them nearly falling off your child so they are super easy to get off! I didn't follow this advice and I had to cut the elastic multiple times to make them easier (as suggested by TTINLTAD) and he still had a couple accidents because he couldn't get them down in time. I went out and purchase the next size up and it's so much easier (he's 30 pounds in a 4, or large) Also, we are realizing that we are dealing with some behavioral issues with our son in regard to following instruction. TTINLTAD says that if you are dealing with stubborness (obedience) then you should not do this method until your child is able to follow instructions well. I guess we underestimated out son. Here is what TTILTAD said to do: Call him by name, stand close so you can be ready to manually guide him within 2 seconds of a command, point if possible, be brief, use the same words, be detailed at first and then general after understands, be enthusiastic (that's god, yes, that's right - now...yes, you're almost done...now..), and use manual guidance (instead of frustration) which ensures that actions will be carried out (gentle/firm/mild touch of your hands on his guidance through proper motions 1-2 seconds after any instruction not followed immediately, and help him help himself - don't do it for him!). Another suggestion, water down juices so your child is not hyped up on sugar (our son is not used to so much juice and was bouncing off the walls). We used as many non sugary treats as possible. Get away from treats as soon as possible! Also, he got really bored after the doll that wets and having used the toilet for the first time. Have some quiet toys ready to go (books, coloring, a quiet car, doll, etc). We didn't figure this out until later in the day. He was bored which caused other behavioral issues. Stick to it!!! My husband and I wanted to throw in the towel a couple of times, but what other program has your child popping 2 times and urinating 9 on the first day of toilet training! Be consistent, and stay positive (and well rested). You can do it! and so can your child!
Praise for your Program! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: James & Deborah Kingsmill Your program is just WONDERFUL! Before we purchased it, our three year old son would have nothing to do with the potty. If we put him on it he would literally scream. I was skeptical to say the least that your program would train him in one day. The "big day" was a frustrating one. It seemed that it wasn't going to work. Then by day's end he was going on the potty and no more diapers ever since. We've had a few accidents since the big day, but they get less frequent with each day and somedays he doesn't have any! I can't tell you how pleased we were with your program. I have recommended you to every parent that I know! Thanks so much! James & Deborah Kingsmill Baytown, TX
We love it (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Mrs. K After trying a few plastic potties that would tip over or fall apart, I bought the potty pal. My son is proud to use the big potty like the rest of the family. It is easy to install, and very sturdy.
Good motivator for boys (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous Great product. They have really helped motivate my son to use the potty. Instead of debating whether he will go to the potty or not, we "debate" whether to use the rocket ship, car, or motorcycle. Wish they were a bit cheaper, but if I can get my son out of diapers, they will be worth every cent!
Remarkable! (Nov 28, 2010) Reviewer: Linda in LA Please let me begin by saying this “Potty Training in One Day” Method is real. My son is 3 years old. We had tried several times before to potty train him which resulted in failure. I am one who prays over everything in my life, so I prayed over this issue. In the same day that I prayed, I found this website. Until then, I had not heard of Dr. Phil’s Potty Training Method, nor the doll. I read all Dr. Phil’s notes on the method, and was fully prepared to begin. I purchased the recommended products knowing that it would be worth the cost when accomplished. I planned a really big party as instructed, including rewards, cupcakes, and the excitement was great. . Success went according to the textbook procedure! We started this program on 11/23/10 and my son had fully accomplished potty training by the end of 11/24/10. The result was his successful, self-initiated -potty trips that required no help from me. I give The Lord the Praise for granting me the knowledge and success of potty training my son, and sending it through Dr. Phil. I agree that everyone has to be ready for this adventure. It is simply Remarkable! Linda in LA