Tips on How to Potty Training Twin Girls

If you have twin girls, than you already know that raising twins comes with different issues and problems when dealing with two children of the exact same age. You have probably also realized that even though they look the same, how they respond to learning, playing, eating and anything else is completely different at times. Check out the article on how to potty training girls for more great information.

Potty Training Tips for Twin girls:

Should you potty train them together or separate?

Each child should be looked at individually for their signs of readiness, if one child is not ready do not push potty training on them. Just as you would if your children were born at different times, you must evaluate their personal readiness. Also remember that the potty training method or style you use may need to be different. Read up on all the different potty training methods to see which one fits your child's individual needs.

"It is best not to assume both children will complete potty training at the exact same either. Try to form you expectations for each individual child by looking at his or her readiness traits separately. "(The Potty Training Answer Book, Page 55)

There are advantages for potty training twins at the same time: they will see each other, help each other and if they are a little competitive, challenge each other. This is great since they can learn from each other, especially if one son is catching on faster than the other one.

Potty training twin girls gear

Remember, every child will respond to potty training differently and this is even true of twin children too. They may or may not both get it at the same time. So staying patient and working with them together will make the over all experience more enjoyable for both of them.

You will want to make sure that both girls have their own potty chair to use. Having two potty chairs means that they are both able to use the bathroom when they need to. There is no reason for them to have to wait or hold it, while waiting. You do not want fighting over using the potty either; this could be discouraging to one of your girls or both of them. Instead, having a potty chair for both means that they can always go.

Placing their names on these items also helps, so that they know that they are theirs and no one else's, that they are their special potty item to use.

This also includes both have a potty training doll to use and practice with, as well as each has their own potty chart and potty stickers too. Potty Training Charts can be great motivators, and can be used to motivate and challenge your children's competitive spirit.

You will need to create a potty schedule for your twin girls. The last thing you want to be doing is running one to the bathroom and then the other one and back and forth like this all day. Instead create a potty schedule that they both go at the same time throughout the day. This will help reinforce going on the potty, since if one forgets the other may remember and they will be reinforcing each other to use the potty together. That and your day will be easier if you are in the bathroom with them at the same time throughout the day, so your entire day is not spent in the bathroom. You can use potty watches to keep your schedule straight!

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