Primo Freedom Trainer - Folding Potty Seat w/ Built in Step Stool

Primo Freedom Trainer - Folding Potty Seat w/ Built in Step Stool
Primo Freedom Trainer - Folding Potty Seat w/ Built in Step Stool
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If you are trying to get your child to potty independently or simply transition from a potty chair to a potty seat, this Freedom Trainer Potty Seat by Primo is perfect for you toddlers comfort, safety and confidence!

It has a built-in step ladder and specially designed gripper handles that help to reinforce your toddlers' confidence to be independent at potty time.

The built-in deflector helps to keep both your child and toilet clean. Your child will feel safe and secure on Mom & Dad's big toilet, and will potty train faster.

Portable and Convenient, Folds Flat When Not In Use

Soft Potty Seat with Step Stool - Contoured Cushie Step Up is similar in function and design - but has a padded potty seat. The Primo Freedom Trainer has a plastic seat.

Only available in white with red bolts

The Primo Freedom Trainer Potty Seat - with built in step stool / ladder features:

  • Built-in Deflector
  • Adjustable Step Stool / Ladder
  • Fosters Your Toddler's Need for Independence
  • Space Saving Design
  • Specially Designed with Gripper Handles to increase your child's stability & confidence
  • Fits - both standard round and elongated toilets.
  • No tool Need for assembly
  • Made in the USA

The photographs show a blue and red potty seat, but the actually product is white with just the bolts being red.

Primo said that the photos were modified so that the product could be seen better.

Unique light weight design. So easy to set up, you child could do it!

Sturdy and safe. Made from easy to clean, durable non-toxic plastic.

Folds with ease. Stores just about anywhere.


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Product Specifications

UPC 734970005443
Color White , Black
Brand Primo
Product Type Potty Seats
Product Gender Unisex
Potty Seat Features w/ Built in Step Stool , Travel / Portable Potty Seat

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Not what I expected (Apr 07, 2009) Reviewer: Maya Clemons Please do not purchase this product if you have an elongated toilet. We purchased this potty seat and unfortunately it was a waste of money. Please also read the return policy. You cannot return this product if you open it and unfortunately you have to open it to see if it fits.
Daughter Loves it (Jul 16, 2011) Reviewer: B.Rash My two year old daughter loves it. It is light weight and easy for her to put on the potty herself. The stool does it's job and everything is simple to clean and store next to the toilet.
WONDERFUL (Aug 06, 2010) Reviewer: Jeanne Crandall This is the type of potty seat I used for my children many years ago. It is so much easier & cleaner than the potty chair. I loved mine so much I'm purchasing one for my grandchild!
Comparison (Oct 05, 2009) Reviewer: Janicehdsn We’ve used Nite Train-r for 5 months with mixed results, but, recently we’ve purchased a Sleep Doc from and the results are better. No waking up for the last two weeks. Don’t know whether it will be working as well in the future, but, so far so good. Bed's dry in the morning.
Fabulous (Jan 04, 2014) Reviewer: Lucy My children range in age from 28 down to 14. I have used this potty seat for all four children and it was the most wonderful item I ever purchased. The only thing we did was secure a thick piece of wood under the foot step to make it more durable and sturdy. Love this product!!! So did my kids.
Ok Could be alittle more sturdy (Mar 23, 2011) Reviewer: Jackie I purchased this product because it had the step stool attached to the potty seat as well as handles for little ones to hold on to. However I thought it would of been a lot more sturdy then what it was. I wish there was some way to attach it to the toilet so it was more secure