Potty Training- Need help with day 3

Hi! My name is Alicia. I am the proud mother of Stella (2). I am having a problem I hope that you can help me with.

I bought the Potty Patty for my daughter. I let her and the doll bond for like a month. Patty went where she went. She wanted her to sleep with and take on trips, everything. When Stella (my daughter) got a new diaper we changed patty too. She loves this doll. Plus, it looks like her. She thinks its her baby. She was excited to learn to use the potty with her friend. I went on the website and looked up the potty training readiness signs and knew she was ready. I taught her all the words ahead of time. Her second birthday party was this weekend and she was told that she got to use the potty and be a big girl that week. She was super excited. Finally, the big day!

I followed the book. Day 1 went pretty well with one exception. She did not initiate. She had two accidents and we did the drills. She took a nap, woke up dry and went on the potty. I put the potty next to her door in her bedroom so that she wouldn't get scared at night to find it. The night came and she slept threw as always. She didn't have an accident. The next morning, day 2 (today) she woke up came in our room and I took her straight to the potty. After a minute of sitting she went pee for me. It was so exciting and we were off to a great start. then a little later she had her first BM. on the potty with no problems. After that I feel it went down hill.

She would not go pee on her potty, except for her second BM. she had an accident every time. If she was sitting on the potty, then she would have an accident within 2 to 5 minutes of getting off it. I let her sit and play while sitting for 45 and same thing. I have to be doing something wrong. I use suggestive words instead of telling her. I have her do the drills, I tell her my expectations in a firm voice. She has treats and big celebrations for the proper actions. Shouldn't the problem be to poop not to pee? Plus, every time she has an accident she cries. I know that she knows that she should have gone to the potty.

Please help me, any suggestions to a good approach? I feel so frustrated and confused. I read the book like 4 times. I took notes and was fully prepared. How can I get her to initiate?

Thank you so much,


Dear Alicia,

Thank you for your email. I can truly understand the notion of feeling frustrated. I have been there, myself, four times with my children. You are not doing anything wrong, believe me when I say that all children are different and react differently. It is not uncommon for a child to do really well and then regress back to where they were. It is fairly common. The best advice that I can give you it so keep reminding her to go to the potty. Watch how often she seems to be going and try to time it that way. Sort of like a daily schedule. It may take her a little while before she herself starts to initiate when she needs to go. Her little bladder will need to build up the strength to hold until she is ready to release.

Here is a suggestion for you. Does she like to wear jewelry? If so, we have a potty watch that can be set to remind them to go to the potty. You can set it at any length of time you would like for it to repeat. For example, if you want her to go every 45 minutes, you would set it to go off then. Explain to her that when the watch goes off, she is to go to the potty. As time passes and she has had no accidents, you can increase the time by 15-30 minutes at a time to strengthen her bladder. Plus at the same time she is learning to be independent and go on her own.

All I can tell you, is that every child is their own person and not all of them will learn it in one day. It is nothing you have done or not done. Sometimes it is all them. Please let me know how things go and remember to be patient with her. Continue taking her to the potty and be consistent. That is the key to successful potty training. I hope that this will help you. If you have any further questions please let me know. If I can't answer them, someone else here might be able to.


Customer Service Representative


Oh, Thank you for checking in with me. Some one else from your company also got back to me. Maybe you didnt see my number cause I paid with pay pal.

I am doing much better, It was just so hard that she wouldnt do it herself. I was worried that maybe 2 was to young. We are on day 7 today and leaving the house. She finally started to initiate on day 5. I was so excited it was like the first celebration all over again. I think my excitement made her want to do it more because we are fine now. She is done - potty trained. OMG! I cant believe it worked. I told everyone I was going to use the potty patty doll and this method and all the older moms were nay sayers. I am so proud of my daughter. I have cant believe it. accident free for two days now.

I bought a "my carry potty" from buy buy baby. It is a portable potty that folds up and can go anywhere. You guys should market one too. It is a great thing.

In summary, it worked. I love the method, I love your company, I really love the customer service and support that I received during this hard and confusing task. I just LOVE it all.

Thank you so much,


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