Potty Accidents- Won't Pee in the Potty!


I thought we were doing well and now it seems as if we have made little progress.

Yesterday Emmett made it to the toilet three times to poop. One time he quietly did it all by himself!

Hopefully he has this part down.

He also woke up dry this morning and did pee on the potty, but only because we asked him to try to sit on the potty.

It seems as if he is content to just pee were he is and makes no effort to get to the potty.

We are still doing the 9 practice runs.but these do not seem to phase him at this point.

I am not ready to give up yet.

I am looking for some suggestions or ideas to overcome this.

I know he can do this, but I feel like he deciding not to.

Only once in the past few days have I really seen self-initiated a trip to the potty to pee.

Also, I put chocolate pudding in a syringe to show Scotty pooping on the potty.it worked well.



A few steps forward, a few back!!

If you think that he is choosing to go in his training pants instead of the potty and the practice consequences are not working for him - then you have to find out what his currency is. What can you do - that will make him do what you what him to do. One of friends' son was also not motivated by practice runs, but he loves to wear clothes, so she took his clothes away for a while if he had an accident - he did not like that at all - he started going to potty instead of training pants. Another mom I know took away her daughter's favorite purse for a while. With my older child - it is going out to hang out with friends - cannot do that until the chores are done!!

So, you know Emmett best and you need to find something that he values and use that. Dr Phil calls it your child's currency. Find something he likes and than tell him that is going to be the new logical consequence and then when he has an accident - add that it and phase out the practice runs. I hope this make sense.

I would love to hear more about the chocolate and the syringe. How did you do it? Did you hide the syringe? What did you tell Emmett. More details please.

Looking forward to hearing how the rest of Sunday went and how Monday started.


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