Potty Training - Help - What should I do?

Help. We have tried to potty train our 2 year old son, but are not having any luck.

I took him to the store and we purchashed a potty chair. We brought it home, explained to him what it was for and put in the bathroom. The only interest he has shown in it is as a toy. He plays with it - puts in on his head, but simply refuses to sit on it.

I am feeling frustrated and confused. I wish I knew how to potty train my son. Please help me.


From just reading your email, it is hard for me to tell you exactly why she is doing,.  Have you talked to her pediatrician?  What did the doctors have to say?

The thought I had is that one of the child developmental stages that a toddler goes through is the desire to master one's own body and environment.  See the article on Potty Training Resistance - and more specifically the sections on Independence and Control Issues and Too much pressure to perform.

So, if you think that these may be some of the reasons; then I would suggest that you just back off for a little while - say a couple of weeks.  Let her feel the control over her body.  Don't show your frustration and see if that gives her the sense of control back and then makes her want to use the potty again.

I hope this helps.  Please let us know how things go.


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Accidents on our bed... (5/22/2012) Reviewer: Eve (Montgomery, MN) We have been potty training our 2 year old son for some time already. Recently he has started climbing onto our bed and having an accident instead of going on the toilet. He will even sit on the toilet for a while without going then run into our room and go right away on our bed!

Any explanation to what could be the reason behind this. It has been very frustrating and I am not sure how to get him over this...

4 1/2 Year old diagnosed with anxiety (1/22/2012) Reviewer: Lori (Seneca Falls, New York) My son has been diagnosed with anxiety issues. One of them being potty training. I have tried sticker charts as reward and removed a sticker as a consequence. We have tried the tepid water play time, while sitting on the potty. We are just not having success. But with his anxiety how to I push the issue without causing permanent harm?
For those who still have accidents (12/29/2011) Reviewer: Angel (kingsport, tn) My four year old was potty trained for almost 2 years but still had accidents, so the doctor and several other people said to try giving him a watch of his own with a alarm every 30 min or 1hr which ever works best for him to remind him, because sometimes kids just wanna play and ignore their urges
My 3 year old just won't potty train (4/28/2011) Reviewer: Makevia Johnson (Goose Creek, SC) My 3 year old son refuses to potty train. I've been training him since he was 18months old. He went to the potty one week straight no accidents, I thought he had it. The next week he went back to pee & poop in the briefs. I'm sooooo frustrated I'm to the point where I can't take it anymore. He is so smart and that's why I don't understand. He can sit down and hold a conversation with you but refuses to go to the potty. Please help me!! Potty Training Concepts:

Just make sure that he knows that pee and poop goes in the potty. I know it can be frustrating, but just have a couple of practice runs with him. Make sure you make it a fun activity for him so he can enjoy going to the potty and track his success. When he does go to the potty give him lots, lots, and lots of praise. Once you have done practice runs for 2 days just step back and he will soon tell you that he needs to go on his own.

my 3 year old son (4/12/2011) Reviewer: Marlene Morales (corona, ca) I need help! I donít know what to do any more he been train for a 1 yr now and he still has accidents I am so tired and donít know what else to do. Please give an advice that I m so frustrated.
Potty training my 15 month old daughter (4/8/2011) Reviewer: Jessica (Burbank, ca) so I have been trying to potty train her and all day today she wouldnt go when I had her on her potty but as soon as I let her up within 2 mins she would stand and pee all over the carpet. I do not know what to do besides keep her on her potty all day long while she watches her cartoon??? Please help because I am getting sooo frustrated and just want to cry
Potty Training trouble (4/3/2011) Reviewer: tacky My son is 2 year and 5 months and having he same problem, he would treat the potty as a toy to play around but would not sit on it. I am so frustrated as well.