Question about Potty Training Twins

Hi Narmin,

I have boy/girl twins, age 2-1/2. What do you recommend on potty training them? They are both speech delayed, but are cognitively normal.

Should I order both potty training dolls? Does the Potty Training in One Day DVD cover either sex?

Should I send one off to grandma's one Saturday so I can have that day with just one twin, and alternate the following Saturday?

I work full time, so potty training in one day sounds like the way to go!

Your input is appreciated, and I am EXTREMELY interested in your products! (By the way, I read about it today in a Parents magazine.)

Alicia Newman

Hello Alicia,

Potty Training Twins - I wish there was a simple answer - but it really depends on the children and then of course you.

Do you know if both children are ready? How do they get along? Will it be helpful i.e. will one lead and the other follow? Or will it create a lot of competition and frustration? How about yourself? Are you comfortable with juggling both the children at the same time?

If both end up having accidents at the same time - will you be able to remain calm through the situation? (I know that I would have a hard time with this one!!)

You know yourself and your children the best, so hopefully these questions will help guide your decision.

I know parents who have train one twin at a time, parent who have trained both together AND a mom who actually trained triplets together. I personally would do one child at a time - but that is because of my own personality.

RE: Potty Training Dolls - one would be adequate - especially if they work together and don't mind the overall scheme of things - you only need one - but sometimes - it is easier to have two - so they are not fighting over it - especially if you train them together.

The Potty Training in One Day DVD covers both genders and the process for training both is exactly the same.

I hope that answered all your questions.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Questions about Potty Training Twins (10/19/2009) Reviewer: Amber Baker (Corona, CA) You can do it! I was going to start with one but the other wanted to be part of the fun. We stayed home for 4 days straight and worked on going in the potty and not having accidents. A week after starting I looked back and thought, "what was i so stressed out for. . .it wasn't as bad as I thought." Just like any other part of life with twins, go with the flow and enjoy the process!
Thank you for your detailed response (11/20/2008) Reviewer: Alicia Newman

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I do think I might lose it if they both had an accident at the same time. My gut tells me to do it separately.

The kids get along with each other well, but they do get competitive with each other at times, especially when it comes to who is going to get the toy.

I will go ahead and get the potty training in one day book and DVD. I'll think about the potty dolls.

Thanks again, Narmin,