Taking Opposite Gender Child in Public Restrooms

How do I handle taking my opposite gender child into public bathroom?

Family restrooms and single toilet bathrooms make parents lives much easier. Both parents can co-parent, venturing separately into the world with their children. These bathrooms are becoming more common but there is typically only one. Most family restrooms are equip with a baby changing station, and a large single bathroom-like facility. Even if you have to wait, these are typically cleaner and easier for everyone.

When faced with a men's room and a ladies' room, however, moms have a distinct advantage. Since the baby changing stations are in the women's rest room, moms with little boys can do what they always did bring boys into the ladies' room.

If a mom wants her son to experience the urinal in the men's bathroom, she should go into the bathroom with her child. It's probably best to announce your entrance before coming through the door, "Mom coming in!" This isn't really necessary, they will get this experience when they are older, and it might be offensive and strange for the male visitors.

Dads can do the same when entering a ladies' bathroom, "Dad coming in!" More typically, dads are taking daughters into the men's room. Rumor has it that men's rooms might not be as clean and potty friendly as the ladies' room. If this has to be done, most dads will cover their little girls eyes, shielding them from seeing other men using a urinal or just being scared with lots of males in a small area.

You might consider packing your child's backpack with sanitizing wipes, toilet seat covers or a travel potty seat. Some parents choice to use travel potties; these potties are able to be folded out in the back of vans/suvs and they can go privately in the back of your car. These travel potty chairs come with liners that have absorbent centers (like diapers) and they can be tied and thrown away in the garbage. Just make sure you pack flush able wipes, diaper wipes or toilet paper and sanitizing wipes to get them all clean!

Excerpt taken from The Potty Training Answer Book

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