Potty Training Regression - Question from a Frustrated Mom

My daughter will be three in May. She was doing good with the potty for quite a while up in till like three months ago, she was never in big kid underwear for the whole day but had training pants and not too many accidents,but lately she goes in the training pants just about everytime please help! thank you

Sincerly Lauren

Hello Lauren,

I am sorry it has taken a couple of days to get back to you. I was out of town and only had limited email access.

What kind of training pants are you using? Are you using pull ups?

My recommendations are that once a child is using the potty - use only cloth training pants. There are many choices and selections available. Pull ups are glorified diapers, so children do not feel the accident.

If you are using cloth potty training pants and she is having accident in them, than it is probably a matter of control. Have you read the article on Potty Training Readiness? Read the part at the very bottom on Emotional Growth and Social Awareness. If this is the case with your daughter - then back off and try again later when s/he moved into the more positive phase of self mastery.

Last but not least, not sure if you use consequences for behavior. As Dr Phil would say, find out what her currency is and then you may want to give her consequences for wetting her pants.

Hope this has been helpful. Please let me know how thing are going.

Narmin Parpia

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