Ten Trips to Potty When Accident - What does it mean?

I am not sure I understand the 9 times....I get it by meaning that Patty had an accident so now she needs to practice 9 times but what is she practicing and in what time span?

With the Potty Training in One Day method, not only do practice runs build muscle memory, but they are a consequence for undesired behavior of wetting underwear.

So basically, after you clean up i.e. change doll or child into clean underwear - you make them run to the potty from different parts of the house to simulate what they would do if they had to go potty....so do the first couple of runs from where she had the accident, but then move out to different parts of the house - i.e. if Patty was watching TV and had to potty what would she do? She would run to the potty - pull her pants down and go potty.

Basically running to the potty - pulling pants down - sitting on the potty and then getting up and pulling the pants back up...takes on a few seconds...the whole 9-10 practice runs would take less than 5 mins if your child is cooperative.

If you child is having tantrums, let them finish the tantrum and then finish the left over runs. I hope this make sense - if not let me know.

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potty accidents (4/13/2011) Reviewer: angel waldrep (phoenix, az) My son is 3 yrs old. He goes pee real good in the potty, but for some reason he refuses to poop in the toilet. He will run and hide and by the time I catch him, he's already gone in his pants. How can I get him to poop in the potty? I have tried the sticker chart and that did not work. please help.

PTC Comments:

Make sure he knows that poop and pee goes in the potty. This poop accident article might help

Thanks for the clarification. (10/24/2009) Reviewer: Tammy (Stillwater, MN) Thank you for clarifying the ten trips to potty when there is an accident. It totally makes sense and understand why that may work!
Instinctual Training (4/28/2009) Reviewer: Brook (anchorage, ak)

I like this idea. I am going to try it.

My daughter has special needs and my bathroom is on a different level of my home.

She gets half way up the stairs and gets distracted and forgets she had to go potty.

I am hoping this idea will make running to the potty instinctual so there will be no need to think about what she has to do so she wont forget.

It reminds me of our military training when we are taught to react and not to think so it becomes instinctual and we do it without thinking about it.

My fingers are crossed. :)