What to ask when potty training at home and daycare?

If your child is in day care or babysitter and you are ready to start potty training, you will first want to talk with them. Communicate and make sure that they are able to provide the same potty training techniques that you are at home.

You will want to find out what they are capable of handling. When dealing with a day care this may definitely be different than a caregiver, only because there are more children at a day care and you will want to find out what their policies are on potty training and how they handle the situation there.

Knowing will help you determine the best method to use at home and to make sure your child is having consistent potty training taking place no matter where they are.

Some questions to consider asking are:

  • What are their potty training policies? This is extremely important, since you need to know what their policies are, before you can proceed forward with what you are doing at home potty train your child.
  • Will they take your child to the potty when necessary? This can be another issue if teachers are not willing to take a child to the potty or cannot because of the number of children they have in their classroom. This can be a problem with a day care, possible not as much of an issue with a caregiver, unless the caregiver is also watching multiple children too.
  • How are accidents handled? You want to make sure that they are not reprimanding children for accidents and that they are handled in a way that other children will not make fun of your child if an accident should occur. You need to know that they will stay calm and quickly and efficiently handle the problem, while at the same time letting your child know it is okay and to try again. 
  • Can your child bring their potty seat with them? Although bathrooms at day cares are typically low to the ground, some children like to have their potty seat to use anyway. This can be a comfort item and it is important that they be allowed to take it with them to the day care. This is the same for a caregiver too, where the toilets may be full size and your child will definitely need a potty seat to use. They may also need their step stool in this situation too.
  • Are they allowed to bring a special potty toy with them to take to the potty? If your child has been using a potty doll or similar potty toy when using the bathroom, it is important that they be allowed to continue to use that toy if they are not fully potty trained yet. You need to know if there is a way for your child to bring it with them to take it to the bathroom when they go.
  • Are potty watches allowed? If you have been using a potty watch as a timer, make sure that it will not be a problem for your child to continue to use it, even if this means that the alarm may go off during different classroom activities. 
  • Are training pants allowed? If your child is still in training pants, they need to be able to continue to wear them and not be put back into diapers. Some daycare's will revert back to diapers since they are easier, however this can put you back a step or more while potty training your child. Make sure the day care or caregiver will allow them and allow for extras to be brought as well for the occasional accident that might happen.

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