Soft Seat Trainer - Secure

Soft Seat Trainer - Secure
Soft Seat Trainer - Secure Soft Seat Trainer - Secure Soft Seat Trainer - Secure Soft Seat Trainer - Secure Soft Seat Trainer - Secure

The Soft Seat Trainer - Secure offers an easy toilet - training solution that works with almost any toilet. There are simple adjustable brackets that create a secure fit to most adult toilets. The trainer seat is easy to remove and to put back in place.

You can use it at home conveniently and also bring it while visiting friends or relatives. The soft air cushion provides extra comfort for your child, and the cushion snaps out for easy cleaning.


  • Adjustable bracket
  • Soft Air Cushion
  • Built-in Urine Deflector

This is the only soft potty seat with adjustable brackets, a similiar style is the Baby Bjorn Potty Trainer Seat.

Size (LxWxH): 
12" x 12" x 4" 

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Product Specifications

UPC 071463071586
Color Green , White , Black
Brand The First Years
Product Type Potty Seats
Product Gender Unisex
Potty Seat Features Soft Potty Seat

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Fabulous! (Jul 23, 2012) Reviewer: Jen

I could not get much happier with the purchase of the little urinal for my son. It is the only thing that has kept his pee from being all over the floor.

We have tried so many different training seats with no luck and so far I have not had to clean up any messes because he hits his target every time and doesn't have to worry about sitting down to pee and holding his little wee wee down which is complicated for a 2-3 year old boy.

Great for reluctant 3 year old. (Feb 19, 2012) Reviewer: C. I have a potty trained 3 year old who avoids using public toilets at all costs. Have tried numerous folding/travel styles, but she always complained they pinched. This isn't the smallest, or most convenient, but it is usable on most public toilets. And, most importantly it's acceptable to my 3 year old!