4-in-1 Potty Chair

4-in-1 Potty Chair
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The new 4-in-1 Potty Training System by The First Years is a complete toilet-training system for your child. The free-standing potty system converts to a secure toilet trainer that can be used on almost any toilet. The top folds down on the base and the potty transforms into a step stool that your child can use to climb onto the toilet or to reach the sink.

When your child is fully toilet-trained, you can also use the step stool for storage. Potty includes a lift-out pot for easy emptying and cleaning, and built-in splash guards for neatness.

Stages of 4-in-1 Potty Training System:

  • Multi Functional Potty with 4 different functions: potty chair, potty seat, step stool and storage all in one!
  • Potty Chair for kids to use during their first stage of potty training.
  • Potty Seat for adult toilet, this potty seat is detachable and easy to clean.
  • Step Stool to make washing hands and getting up on the big potty easier.
  • Storage!! - Need a place to store their potty books, rewards, toys.

Size (LxWxH / WT):
13.00 " x 14.00 " x 7.50 " / 3.50 lbs

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