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Potty Training Concepts was started in 2003 by renowned Author and Mom-entrepreneur Narmin Parpia. She came up with the idea while potty training her own two sons. As if potty training wasn't difficult enough, it was made even more stressful because she could not find the items that she needed all in one location.

After some serious thinking, she came up with the idea of opening an online store that would provide parents with the items and information that they neeeded to potty train their children successfully. And with that said, Potty Training Concepts was born to meet all your potty training needs!

But she did not stop there. She then designed her own line of potty training pants, dolls, potty chairs and potty seats. She named them the "Potty Patty" and "Potty Scotty" line and created them to make all our lives a little easier.

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We also provide you with useful tips and information to make your potty training easier. Browse our "How to Potty Train", "When to Potty Train" and "Potty Training Methods" sections to create a potty training plan for yourself and your child.

If you are in the middle of potty training and are having difficulty, our section on "Potty Training Problems" should help answer some of your questions and ease the frustration so that you can move forward.

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  • where you can place your own experiences, thoughts or advice for those that will be going through the potty training process as well.
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    Narmin Parpia

    Hello, my name is Narmin Parpia.

    I am a mom to two wonderful boys who are growing up too fast for me. They are already 20 and 17.

    I hold a degree in Chemical Engineering and spent the first few years working at a refinery and then moved to my second career in Information Technology.

    Now, I am on to my third career of momprenuer, author, business woman and so far I am having a lot of fun.