The Snack Trap

The Snack Trap
The Snack Trap
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Designed for children ages 1-5, the Snack-Trap Toddler Snack Cup allows little hands in and out for gathering snacks, but keeps snacks from spilling when the cup is turned over -- knocked, dropped or thrown. The unique Snack-Trap lid automatically closes when she removes her hand.

* 7oz cup with lid
* Soft edged, sturdy yet gentle flaps let little hands in and out
* Two easy-to-hold handles
* Weighted bottom to prevent tipping
* Children can see and reach food with ease
* Use at home, in the car, at the park and on errands
* Keeps other objects out of the cup
* Includes 1 cup with assorted images and 1 lid
* Fewer spills, less mess, waste and frustration
* Toddlers can "Do it Themselves"
* For 1 and up

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Product Specifications

UPC 855386000768
Color White , Black
Product Type Snack Container
Product Gender Unisex
Theme Teddy Bears
Product Audience Kids
Material Plastic
Department Car + Automotive

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Issues to think about... (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Shannon I read "Toilet Training in Less than a Day" (TTINLTAD) before finding this program and using it. (same concept, shorter book) It's a great concept and has worked great for many parents that I know of. It's day 2 and our son knows what to do but will not initiate on his own. So be mentally prepared, because it's exhausting. Get the next size up of training pants for your child. TTINLTAD says that you want them nearly falling off your child so they are super easy to get off! I didn't follow this advice and I had to cut the elastic multiple times to make them easier (as suggested by TTINLTAD) and he still had a couple accidents because he couldn't get them down in time. I went out and purchase the next size up and it's so much easier (he's 30 pounds in a 4, or large) Also, we are realizing that we are dealing with some behavioral issues with our son in regard to following instruction. TTINLTAD says that if you are dealing with stubborness (obedience) then you should not do this method until your child is able to follow instructions well. I guess we underestimated out son. Here is what TTILTAD said to do: Call him by name, stand close so you can be ready to manually guide him within 2 seconds of a command, point if possible, be brief, use the same words, be detailed at first and then general after understands, be enthusiastic (that's god, yes, that's right - now...yes, you're almost, and use manual guidance (instead of frustration) which ensures that actions will be carried out (gentle/firm/mild touch of your hands on his guidance through proper motions 1-2 seconds after any instruction not followed immediately, and help him help himself - don't do it for him!). Another suggestion, water down juices so your child is not hyped up on sugar (our son is not used to so much juice and was bouncing off the walls). We used as many non sugary treats as possible. Get away from treats as soon as possible! Also, he got really bored after the doll that wets and having used the toilet for the first time. Have some quiet toys ready to go (books, coloring, a quiet car, doll, etc). We didn't figure this out until later in the day. He was bored which caused other behavioral issues. Stick to it!!! My husband and I wanted to throw in the towel a couple of times, but what other program has your child popping 2 times and urinating 9 on the first day of toilet training! Be consistent, and stay positive (and well rested). You can do it! and so can your child!
Fast and Easy Way To Train (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous Seven years age,I had an age three special needs child who was poop trained but was still having difficulty becoming pee trained. The Piddler aids were so much fun that within a few days he was completely potty trained. I then passed the left-over Piddlers to my neice and her son was potty trained in a few days also. Now it's time to potty train my two-year-old grandson. Piddler's to the rescue!
Dont Let them shake it! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian I really like this snack cup. I no longer am prying Goldfish from the car seats. Just if your kiddo knows that if you shake the cup, things do come out and make an even bigger mess than before.
Not for tots who know how to open tops! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous I purchased this product because the backseat of my car was always a mess after a trip. It seems to be a great product however, my resourceful 2 year old skipped trying to get to his snacks via the opening and just took the top off. After a few more explanations about how to use the snack cup he finally began to use it the proper way but, there was much protest. So, now I am happy to report my backseat is free of mess thanks to this product.