Testimonial: From a Mother trying to Train her 4th Child

A mother of 4 kids I always took pride in having potty trained my first 3 kids with very little trouble or frustration for all involved.

I was not only frustrated, but shocked and felt like a failure when my 4th child couldn't be potty trained no matter what I tried.

My daughter Ellie was both severly launguage delayed and had some sensory issues making the process that much more difficult. Being a parent of a special needs child it seems like just when you get over one hill there are ten more mountains waiting for you.

After nearly 6 months of trying evey trick in the book I heard about Booty Camp and thought we have nothing to lose. I told Wendy the instuctor I was afraid Ellie would be her first unteacheable child and she assured me Ellie would find success at the end of the day.

Ellie, age 3 at the time, had a great time at Booty Camp. She loved playing with the other children and when it came time to actually using the potty Ellie acted like a pro.

Wendy taught me that if I gave my child resposiblities she would become more responsible. Ellie proved her right by being completely potty trained in 5 hours.

To this day, 3 years later, Ellie has never had an accident. I also learned at Booty Camp that when I raise the bar my child will rise up to meet it and have pride in herself. Wendy has a tremendous amount of experience working with special needs children and seems to have a gift for working with kids that need different approachs to finding success in every day activities.

Wendy gave Ellie a sense of pride, accomplishment and self worth that is priceless and she carries these gifts with her in kindergarten.

I constantly hear from Ellie's teachers how independent she is and I give credit to Booty Camp for that!

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