Testimonial: Potty Training in a Day was Dream

I wish I had booty camp in my life for my first born!

Potty training was such a struggle with her, and I was dreading going through it all over again with my son. Potty training in a day was dream.

Now, don't think you drop off your kid and they come home potty trained. You are there the entire way, and Ms. Wendy gives you the tools and correct language to use with your child.

She is even there to consult with you afterwards to answer questions, or to praise your child when they do well (she wants you to succeed!).

My son was just shy of three years old when we went through Booty Camp, and has not been in diapers since the start of the class. He did very well in class and even did well for days afterwards at home.

I was actually glad when he did have an "accident" at home, so I could use the tools Ms. Wendy taught us. I showed him the consequences for not listening to his body and how he had to clean up after himself.

We were truly done with potty training after only two accidents at home.

When I look back and compare potty training between my two children, I am so grateful we didn't have the months of frustration, messes, tears and aggravation that we had with my daughter. Like I said, I wish I had know about it sooner.

It is worth every penny. For you and for your children!

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