Quick Tip: Logistics

Use this as a general guide or just take ideas that work for you and discard what doesn't work.

  • Choose a few days, be it a weekend or a break of some sort, when you can be home most of the time and devote yourself to start potty training. It helps to have a spouse there to participate, encourage, and support everyone involved as well.

  • Introduce your child to the potty. Let them try it, but don't expect success right away.

  • After showing them the potty and letting them try it, put them in underwear. I go to Target and stock up on undies first, lots and lots of undies. Trust me - you'll be doing a lot of laundry, and you're going to want a supply. Socks are a good thing to have a lot of as well, as they tend to get wet during accidents.

  • Let your little one go about their usual business around the house, wearing underwear and (preferably) a warm top so they don't get cold. (see article on recommended potty training attire)

  • Ask them if they want to go potty, but not too often. This can be difficult, as you're hyperaware of the process, but you'll have a rebellion on your hands if you ask too much. Aim to ask once every 10-20 minutes at first, and then adjust as you get used to their own schedule.
  • Be prepared for accidents. When they happen, simply take the child to the bathroom, remove the soiled undies (and socks), put your child on the toilet, and wait to see if they need to go any more. If not, then just clean them up, put on new underwear, and send them on their way.

  • If you're going out in the world, start with pull-ups. I know there are a lot of people who are against them, but when you're just starting out, the stress of taking your toddler out in underwear can be too much for everyone. (we recommend using waterproof training pants) Nevertheless, ask your child if they need to go potty before you leave and once again when you arrive at your destination. Ditto for leaving and heading home. This teaches them that they sometimes need to try to go potty, even when they don't think they need to. (Just expect a wet pull-up on more than one occasion.)

  • Keep using diapers for naps and bedtime. Tackle training while they are sleeping for when the rest of the day has been mastered.

And keep it up!

Stay consistent, patient, and encouraging, and before you know it, you'll look back and realize that you're just about there!!

This article is written by Meredith Jameson.

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