Tips for Potty Training Twins

  • If you have your twins on the same eating and schedule, two potty chairs will make things easier.

  • If you choose to use one potty chair, there may be some healthy competition over the "my potty". As long as you have them used to taking turns, it should work out. You may also start hearing "my turn" instead of "No!"

  • Separate the twins when using the potty. Twins can distract one another from the business at hand. Separating them will help them pay attention to what they are doing.

  • You may need different rewards for each child.

  • There will be more than twice the accidents.

  • One child may train faster than the other.

  • One may need to be taken at night and the other may not.

  • Keep mental notes of when each goes pee pee.

  • Keep track of when each one is due to poop.

  • They will take turns being naughty. Be prepared.

  • Try not to go crazy; don't let them get the best of you!

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potty training (4/27/2014) Reviewer: Nakita Williams (Texarkana, ar)

I have twins that are 4 year. My girl is potty trained but I am having a difficult time potty training my son.

PTC Comment: I am so sorry to hear that you are having problems. Sometimes boys can be more difficult. Could you give me more a little more detail as to what kind of problems you are having?

How to handle rewards for twins? (6/28/2011) Reviewer: Valerie (Ashburn, VA) Hi. I have 2.5 year old boy and girl twins. My girl has showed interest in potty training and she actually went on the potty today! I gave her a sticker as a reward, but her brother got sooo upset because he wanted one too. He isn't quite ready to go on the potty (we've tried). Any suggestions on how to handle this? I can't really keep the sticker a secret, but don't know how to make it feel like he isn't being punished when he doesn't get one. Thank you! Potty Training Concepts: Just have your husband or male figure show him how to go potty. He will figure out that this is what big boys do. He will eventually get the concept and get rewards too.